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Achievement District Test Coordinator Updates and Reminders
January 26, 2022
Achievement District Test Coordinators,

The testing window for the AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test (SAFT) is now open, and as of today, we have over 49,000 completed tests!

As mentioned in a separate email sent to DTCs earlier this week, the testing window for the Writing SAFT has been extended an additional two weeks. The new testing window is January 24 - March 4, 2022. DTCs should be including this additional time in their test administration/contingency plans. Please communicate this information with your schools, teachers, administration, and families. A link to the email sent earlier this week is included below.

We are currently updating the AASA Writing SAFT DTC Checklist with the updated testing window and any other dates that will be affected by this extension. 
  • The SAFT materials return window will be pushed to later in February. Exact dates will be provided soon. 
  • Please DO NOT begin returning SAFT materials, including any paper-based tests or Special Paper Version tests, next week as originally published. Please hold onto completed materials until the materials return date has been revised and republished.
January 24 Email to DTCs - SAFT Test Window Extension
Testing Help - AASA Writing SAFT

  • If students are testing, use "URGENT: Students Testing" in the subject area. Emails received about students testing who need assistance right away are prioritized.
  • State the problem and provide only SSIDs of students - to protect student privacy, do not include student names. 
PearsonAccessNext Guides

The PearsonAccessNext (PAN) User Guide and various PAN Quick Guides provide detailed steps for many of the tasks to be completed in PAN. These guides can be found in the AASA PAN site under Support > Documentation and also on the Achievement District Test Coordinator page of our website under PearsonAccessNext (PAN) Guides.
AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test (SAFT)

Test Coordinator's Manuals and Test Administration Directions

Hard copies of manuals for the SAFT have been shipped and should be arriving in districts this week. Please check PAN for tracking information for your district under Setup > Orders & Shipment Tracking. These manuals are also posted on our website and in PAN (under Support > Documentation), and may also be used electronically for test administration.

Testing Groups

One common question we are receiving is if the Testing Groups created for the Writing SAFT will carry over for the operational AASA test. The testing groups created in PAN will carry over; however, students will need to be re-added to the testing groups for the operational AASA test.

Testing groups are optional in PearsonAccessNext. For those wanting to group students by classroom or testing days, this may be completed using the Testing Groups function. In addition, the Student Test Update functionality is now live in PearsonAccessNext to assist with this process. A Quick Guide for Creating Testing Groups Using the Student Test Update File is available in PAN under Support > Documentation.

Work Requests

Please continue to check daily for Work Requests that may be waiting for your approval in PAN. A new Quick Guide - Work Requests and Transferring Students - is available in PAN and on the Achievement DTC page of our website.
AASA - Operational Test

  • The last day to revise student enrollments in AzEDS prior to ADE's upload of students is January 28, 2022.
  • ADE's upload of students will be visible in PAN on February 7, 2022.
  • New students can be added to PAN for the operational AASA test beginning on February 8, 2022.
  • Paper-based testing schools must add new students in PAN no later than February 18, 2022 to receive Pre-ID labels.
If you have any questions about AASA, please contact us at
  • The AzSCI Test Coordinator's Manual and AzSCI Test Administration Directions have been posted on our website at and 
    • Please note: Hard copies of these manuals will not be sent to districts for AzSCI. Electronic copies may be used, and a limited number of paper copies will be available for order when the Additional Order window opens on February 28, 2022.
  • PearsonAccessNext (PAN) will open for AzSCI on February 2, 2022. This will be in the same PAN site currently being used for the AASA SAFT.
  • DTCs already in PAN for AASA will automatically have the AzSCI administration added to their accounts. DTCs who do not have Grade 3-8 students will receive an automated email on February 2 with access to PAN.
  • Users who were uploaded to PAN for AASA and who will need access to AzSCI will need to be added under the AzSCI test administration in PAN. This task can begin February 2.
  • ADE will upload students for AzSCI testing. The last day to revise enrollments in AzEDS prior to ADE's student upload is February 17, 2022.
  • ADE's upload of students will be visible in PAN on February 21, 2022.
If you have any questions about AzSCI, please contact us at
ACT Webinar - Test Administration #2
February 2, 9:00am-10:00am

ACT will host a webinar for Arizona test coordinators on February 2, 2022, 9:00am-10:00am. Please register to attend if you have grade 11/cohort 2023 students! There will be pre-recorded information from ACT to prepare for the Spring test administration, followed by a live Q & A session with ACT representatives who work on and are familiar with the Arizona program. 

If you have any questions about ACT, please contact us at 
ACT Aspire on-demand webinars (trainings) are now available and can be accessed through this link. Also included at this link is a schedule and registration link for a series of live Q&A sessions with ACT Aspire experts, taking place February through May 2022.

The ACT Aspire PearsonAccessNext (PAN) site is now open. District Test Coordinators with grade 9/cohort 2025 students should now begin adding users in the ACT Aspire PAN site. More information about this task is located under Step 1 of the ACT Aspire page for Arizona test coordinators.

ADE will upload students for ACT Aspire, which will be visible to districts and charters in PAN on January 31, 2022.

Please bookmark the ACT Aspire page of the ACT-hosted website for Arizona and the ACT Aspire Schedule of Events for more information on upcoming ACT Aspire tasks. 

If you have any questions about ACT Aspire, please contact us at

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