05 May 2022
Associate Number: 999999
Contacting Pearson this Summer
Dear Associate,

Thank you for accepting a contract to work with us this summer. We appreciate that the past two years have been difficult for most of us, so we hope that many of you will be as excited as we are to return to some normality with assessments taking place. We are so pleased to be able to work with you, to deliver assessments and results for learners this year. As we approach what is normally the busiest time of year for Associates, we wanted to highlight how you can contact us should you need support. 

How do I contact you?
Pearson Support Portal should be used as the single contact point to raise any queries you might have. The Pearson Support Portal is available via associate.pearson.com, and it will put you in direct contact with the Associate Helpdesk team for most queries. The Associate Helpdesk team are best placed to support you in most instances but will escalate your cases where appropriate. 

What options should I select?  
If you need to speak to the Associate Helpdesk team urgently or have an issue that needs escalating to a different team as soon as possible, we strongly recommend using the phone or live chat options that are available. The email option should only be selected where the query is non-urgent and a response within 1-2 days will not negatively impact you.  

The phone and live chat options are available for all “
Issue Types” except for “Complaint” and “Feedback” as these are managed by a different team and have a 10 day resolution timeframe; these types of cases must be raised via the email option only. All contact options will be presented to you after the contact us form has been completed.

Should you need to raise a case, please select from the drop-down menus using a best fit approach; do not worry if you cannot find an exact match. If “Complaint” or “Feedback” have not been selected, you will always be offered the opportunity to select phone or live chat in addition to the email option when submitting your query.  

What happens if my query could not be resolved?
If you query cannot be solved during a call or live chat or you decided to use the email option, all email responses and follow ups from the Associate Helpdesk as well as other supporting teams will come from customersupport.reply@pearson.com so please ensure you have added this address as a safe sender. We do everything we can to ensure our emails land safely in your inboxes but sometimes our responses will go to your spam or junk folders so, if you are expecting a response from us on a case, or you have received a confirmation your case was closed, we recommend checking these areas as well for emails from this address.

Technical issues
We are aware that a small number of Associates experience a “Single Sign on” error when using the portal, this sometimes occurs following a change of email address in Edexcel Gateway. If you are experiencing this issue, please review the guidance materials we have provided where you will also find an alternative way to contact the Associate Helpdesk team to let us know if you are experiencing technical issues. You will also be given the opportunity to raise any other questions you may have, which the team will work on at the same time as resolving the technical issues you are facing. Please note, there is no need to complete the form if you already have an open ticket regarding the issue.  

Thank you
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Associates for the feedback you have provided for the Pearson Support Portal and your interactions with Pearson colleagues. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive but has highlighted that some of you find the Pearson Support Portal difficult to use. We are already working on improvements to the site based on the feedback received, and we hope to be able to release these later in the year. We wanted to highlight that the Pearson Support Portal is still the best way to contact us and will provide the fastest resolution to your queries when the information above is applied.

I would like to thank you again for choosing to work with us this summer and for taking the time to read this communication. There will be a few similar messages over the next few months, each providing essential information or instructions about the summer series, please keep an eye out for these.

Should you have any questions, please contact me and the Associate Helpdesk team via the
Pearson Support Portal
Yours sincerely,

William Landymore
Contact Strategy and Implementation Lead
Associate Management
The noreply@pearsonassociate.pearson.com address is not monitored, if you need to contact Pearson please follow the specific contact information that has been provided above. 

Associate Communications

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