13 May 2022
Associate Number: 999999
Update to Pearson Travel, Expenses and Fees Guidelines 
Dear Associate,

We are contacting you today to advise that the Pearson Travel, Expenses, and Fees Guidelines have been updated.  

This document is an amalgamation and update of several documents that were previously available. This document will now act as the overarching document for any information related to travel and accommodation, expenses, and fees.   

As an Associate with a contract this summer, which requires you to attend at least one face to face event, we wanted to highlight that the guidelines and information have been updated. We ask that you take some time to read them as they may impact you booking travel and accommodation or claiming expenses.   

We also wanted to take the opportunity to provide a few answers to some of the frequently asked questions that have been raised via the Pearson Support Portal in recent weeks. These can be found at the end of this communication and should save you time having to contact us.  

If you have any queries about the new guidelines document, or you have any other queries, please reach out to the Associate Helpdesk team via the
Pearson Support Portal
Yours sincerely,

Vikki Beavis
Operations Manager
Associate Training
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need to book a hotel, what are the caps?
A. The cap for hotels outside of London is £90, while the cap for hotels inside of London is £134

Q. There are no hotels available within the hotel cap, do I need permission to book a hotel outside of cap?
A. You do not need to contact Pearson for approval to book a hotel outside of cap if there are no hotels in cap available. You must keep a copy of evidence in case it is called upon.

Q. I need to leave early to get to the event on time, can I book a hotel?
A. If you would be required to leave before 6am to get to an event on time, you are permitted to book a hotel; you do not need to contact Pearson to authorise this. You should keep a copy of any evidence of your need to book a hotel in case it is called upon.

Q. There is limited public transport available between the train station and the event location, can I book a taxi?
A. If there is limited or no public transport available between the train station and the event location you are permitted to book a taxi; you do not need to contact Pearson to authorise this. You should provide itemised receipts, and justification of the circumstances that made the use of taxi necessary when submitting your expense request.  

Q. Where can I find the Project and Task code needed to book travel and accommodation?
A. The Project and Task codes can be found in your contracts. When using your project and task numbers in myCWT and Trainline, you must ensure you include the special character ‘_’ between the Project and Task without spaces

Q. Can I drive instead of using public transport?

A. If driving to an event is cheaper than using public transport, you are permitted to drive. You should provide evidence that driving was cheaper when submitting your expense request. Associates are responsible for ensuring that they are compliant with all relevant laws when travelling by car.

Q I am having technical problems booking travel and accommodation via the CWT platform?
A. If you are required to book urgent travel (traveling in the next 3 days), please contact CWT by phoning +44(0)203 353 0350 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, or emailing reservations.uk@contactcwt.com. We also ask that you contact the Associate Helpdesk team to investigate the technical issues.

Q I am having difficulties checking into the hotel?
A. You should download the Conferma app onto your phone in advance of travelling. This app stores the virtual company credit card number, so you can present the payment details stored in the app for a smooth check-in and check-out. Should you experience any issues when checking in, either you or the hotel should phone the CWT Traveller Experience Team on +44(0)203 353 0350 who will be able to assist you. 
The noreply@pearsonassociate.pearson.com address is not monitored, if you need to contact Pearson please follow the specific contact information that has been provided above. 

Associate Communications

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