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Welcome to the inaugural edition of VIBES, a newsletter aimed at helping you achieve success through JazzJune's innovative social learning platform.

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The JazzJune Platform has been consolidated and optimized. It's a pretty nerdy thing to explain and most of you didn't even realize (that was the point) - but this migration opens the door to many new possibilities that we'll share in upcoming newsletters.
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JazzJune has been working hard to position itself as a leader in EdTech. That's why we've decided to simplify our business model and create one level account for everyone! You will no longer decide whether you want to "learn" or "create" on JazzJune. Every account will now unlock the full potential of JazzJune's FREE tools.
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It's said the hardest part of any important task is getting started. That's why the "How to Begin" book club is perfect for anyone who is looking to get started on that next worthy goal. The best part? You don't even need to read the book to learn its profound message. So, whether your goal is to get started on JazzJune or take on that next challenge, this community will help you get there.
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The word JazzJune comes from the poem "We Real Cool" written by Gwendolyn Brooks.
Gwendolyn Brooks was a civil rights era poet who was known for displaying a sense of political consciousness, especially during the 1960s and later, with several of her poems reflecting the civil rights activism of that period.
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