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14 October 2022
  Non-examined assessment arrangements:
  Practical Performance
Dear colleague,

Please forward this email to your relevant head of department.

I am writing to let you know that we will be returning to the usual arrangements as seen in the pre-COVID-19 series for GCSE Physical Education Component 3: Practical Performance (1PE0/03). This includes the following:
  • Candidates must perform three different physical activities: one team activity; one individual activity; one activity of their choice, either a team or individual activity. 
  • The total mark for this component is 105 (35 marks per activity). The maximum mark for the whole 1PE0 qualification is 350. 
  • The moderation window is between 1 March and 5 May 2023. For international centres, the moderation window can be as early as 1 February 2023. 
  • For UK centres, a minimum of 15 candidates or more within the cohort can request a live visit from the moderator. 14 candidates or fewer will be asked to submit the samples through the Learner Work Transfer portal via Edexcel Online. 
  • Overseas visits to international centres will resume, but these will incur fees to cover the moderator’s travel arrangements. Alternatively, international centres can submit the samples through the Learner Work Transfer portal via Edexcel Online. 
  • The normal sample size, selected by the moderator, will be 30 candidate performances selected from across the full range of marks awarded by the teacher-assessors. The sample should include candidate performances that were awarded the highest and the lowest marks by the teacher-assessor. 
  • The sample, selected by the moderator, should include candidate activities from at least 60% of the activities offered for assessment by the centre.
  • The moderator selects the sample based on the final activity marks for each candidate in the cohort on the PE2MS. All candidate performances that have been assessed must be available to the moderator for sampling (either as a 'live' performance or video evidence). 
More information and procedures will be available in the annual NEA guidance document, which will be published on our subject webpage in November 2022.

I hope you find this update useful, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch through the Pearson Support Portal.

Kind regards,

Zakir Santally
Head of Creative & Practical Assessment 

Pearson Customer Services

The Lighthouse, Manchester, M50 3BF