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SuperMax 19/38 Drum Sander
The secret for getting consistently flat, smooth surfaces in short order is a thickness sander. For small shops and hobbyist woodworkers, an open-ended (cantilevered) drum sander is the most practical and economical choice. While one of the major benefits of a drum sander is its ability to considerably speed up the sanding process, it can also do things just about impossible for the thickness planer or jointer, and much quicker and easier than you can achieve with hand tools. And when using a drum sander you don’t have to worry at all about grain direction. 

Key Features

  • Simple alignment feature
  • Indexed alignment setting
  • Easy height adjustments
  • 38" sanding width (two passes)
  • Sand stock as thin as 1/32"
  • Drum will never go out of alignment
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