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Manpa carver
Exciting Manpa
Multi Extension Carvers
The Manpa line of multi-extension carvers are the ideal accessory for carving, sculpting and texturing wood. They can be installed on almost any brand of 4-1/2" angle grinder and are available with either a 2" or 3" cutter head in either a Basic or Master configuration. The Basic models contain an 8" extension bar, while the Master models contain 8", 10-1/2" and 14" bars. Extension bars determine the distance the cutter head is from the head of the grinder. You may also order a Manpa extension carver preconfigured with a FEIN angle grinder.

Manpa multi extension carvers deliver smooth, clean, effortless omni-directional cutting in any wood species.
Manpa 3" Multi Carver (model MP21-3-M)
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Manpa 2" Round Cutter (model MP21-2-8)
The business end of the Manpa 2” multi-extension carver is fitted with a 2” round cutter while the 3” model comes mounted with a 3” round cutter, each one equipped with 3 round, replaceable, tungsten carbide cutting heads. They cut smoothly in any direction, forward, backward, and laterally from side to side. Also available is a variety of 6mm, 8mm and 12mm round cutting heads as well as a unique choice of triangle and square cutters.
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Manpa 3" Triangle Cutter (model MP21-6) 
This is a powerful, quality cutter that leaves a distinctive V groove in its wake and totally opens up new horizons in texturing and design. Also available in 2” and 4” diameters.
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Manpa 2" Belt Cutter with a FEIN grinder (model MP21-2-BF)
Both Manpa 2" and 3" Manpa multi extension carvers are available preconfigured with a FEIN 4-1/2" angle grinder (#WSG7-115) that features a thumb controlled on/off slide switch. The FEIN grinder packs the power and versatility of a larger angle grinder in a lighter, compact, more ergonomic design. Its smaller grip size allows for better control and ease of operation.
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