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From Rob's Bench:
Snow stops the build and a crazy cyclocross racer 
Rob and son start their boat storage rack build - only to be thwarted by a dumping of snow. And we delve deeper into the demented personality of a cyclocross racer. 
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We want to know what you think. This is the last chance to look at our short list of new tools for 2022 and to make your top picks. If you haven't voted yet, please take a moment now. 
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Free Project Plan:
Make a children’s sleigh 
Rather than spend another Canadian winter waiting for spring, get outside, enjoy the snow and pretend you’re a kid again! 
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Stockroom Supply
Featured Product:
Guinevere miniature sanding and polishing system 
The Guinevere sanding system conforms to the shape of your work, whether concave, convex or flat. This patented system is ideal for difficult profiles, finishing small to medium size projects.
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Featured Product:
Say goodbye to the old style planer knives and save money, time and hassle 
The old-style corrugated planer knives are becoming a thing of the past. They take too long to change, set, and sharpen. It can take up to 30 minutes per head to change a 4-sided Planer machine.

Because of their unique design, Tersa™ Knives can be changed in seconds, and don’t require sharpening! 
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Win a $250 gift card from KJP Select Hardwoods
Enter for your chance to win a $250 gift card from KJP Select Hardwoods. Choose from over 40 different hardwood species delivered right to your door. Contest ends November 30, 2022 
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Big Bear Tools
Featured Product:
Spiral cutterhead for Milwaukee M18 cordless planer
Woodworkers are now retrofitting spiral cutterheads to their old planers and jointers to get smoother finishes with no tear-out.
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Meet the Maker:
Melanie Hamilton 
Rothesay, New Brunswick furniture maker Melanie Hamilton on planting trees, female woodworkers and being shameless about self-promotion. 
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