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From Rob's Bench:
World-class wood art and a rough boat rack 
I stumbled across a South Korean wood artist named Bae Se Hwa, who makes some amazing steam-bent furniture and sculptures. 
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Free Plan:
Arts & Crafts hat and coat shelf
This hat and coat shelf has clean lines and ample storage. It is equally at home in a formal entry or a back door. 
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Win a BESSEY K Body REVO clamping kit
Backed by a lifetime warranty, Bessey’s K Body REVO sets the standard as a top-of-the-line parallel jaw clamp. The 2" wide by 5-3/4" long replaceable pads distribute clamping force of up to 1700 lbs over a large surface area. Throat depth is a generous 3-3/4". The BESSEY KREK2440 kit consists of two 24" clamps, two 40" clamps and a set of four KP support blocks.
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Two-part epoxies 
When you need an adhesive with exceptional shear and peel strength, good gap-filling properties and long assembly time, epoxy is the way to go. 
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Enter to WIN a NanoMax dust collector cartridge filter from Stockroom Supply 
Only three days left to enter the draw. The NanoMax cartridge filter is the perfect upgrade for any 1HP or 1.5/2 HP standard dust collector. It provides over 32 times more surface area than a standard cloth bag leading to much better airflow and higher overall CFM. Made in Canada. 
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Featured Product:
Holey Galahad - a window to your work 
With their 6-hole “see through” technology Holey Galahad tungsten carbide discs are phenomenal for wood carving and sculpting. They leave a very coarse to even finish on contoured, convex and flat surfaces. 
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Tegs tools
Meet the Maker:
Weldon Gray
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, lute maker Weldon Gray on research, losing track of time and joining the circus. 
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