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Flowcast SPR
The Premium Casting Epoxy for Small Projects
From EcoPoxy, comes the next generation of casting epoxy!

FlowCast SPR (Small Projects Resin) is an easy-to-use and fast-curing casting epoxy that is ideal for epoxy casting first-timers and professionals. Complete your projects faster without sacrificing the quality of the result.

Expect projects to demold in 1 day!*
  • Perfect for Small Projects - 1/4" to 1" thick per layer
  • Ideal for Weekend Projects - formulated for easy pours & faster cures
  • Minimize Bubbles - excellent air release 
  • Craftsman's Clarity - cures water clear
*See Application Guide for detailed instructions 
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Use FlowCast SPR by itself for a water-clear finish or add our pigments to create custom colors and effects. Projects, once demolded, can be trimmed, routed, sanded, and finished, using the same tools you have in your woodshop to create beautiful small-scale live edge wood projects, such as coasters and serving trays. 
Flowcast SPR
Learn more about FlowCast SPR on EcoPoxy's website. Get a hold of your very own FlowCast SPR kit and unleash your creativity!
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