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From Rob's Bench:
Who will speak for the humble scroll saw? 
Since getting one a few years ago, my scroll saw has bailed me out of many tight situations other machines would have failed at miserably. 
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Turning Project:
Turn a tulip (or two)
Turn a tulip
Why wait till spring? Allan Cusworth shows you how to turn a  few offcuts, some dollar store dowels, a little colour and some glue into a beautiful bouquet of tulips to give to that special someone, and they’ll last forever. 
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The mighty mallet
Roughing out a large carving, or even a medium-sized one, can be a very laborious process. In the interest of saving time and energy, many carvers opt for ‘power’. 

In this article, Canadian carver David Bruce Johnson shows you how to get the best results from your mallet.
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Home Improvement:
How to choose a kitchen sink that shines
Whatever the reason for replacing your existing sink, it’s a job that’s certainly within the capability of expe­rienced DIYers, especially those who have undertaken some plumbing work previously. 

We help you make the right choice when the time comes to purchase a new kitchen sink. 
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Featured Product:
12 ways to add texture with tools you already have 
A big part of adding texture to your work with tools you already have, is looking beyond their typical use.  

If you can open your eyes to what else your tools can do, you will start to look at your cherished tool collection in a whole new light. 
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How to apply a beautiful shellac finish 
In this video Rob Brown shows how easy it is to create a beautiful shellac finish on wood. 
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Meet the Maker:
Nick Barna
Nick Barna
Nick Barna from Chelsea, Quebec, on Scandinavian design, growing his business and being pragmatic. 
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