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Start Sawing Logs into Lumber
Live the Wood Life™  
Start sawing logs into lumber for woodworking projects and Live the Wood Lifewith a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill! Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on the entry-level LX25 and LX55 portable sawmills for a limited time. 
Sawmill Owner Story
Building a Creek-Side Cabin in
British Columbia
Travel across a small footbridge from Andrew Koessler’s main cabin in British Columbia and find a picturesque creek-side guest cabin milled and made with a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill! 
Free Brochure
Free Product Brochure
In addition to featuring more choices than any other sawmill company, our brochure is packed with inspiring stories, outstanding projects, and more ways to Live the Wood Life™ with Wood-Mizer! When you choose orange, you’re getting more than sawmill and woodworking equipment, you get everything that comes with a Wood-Mizer.
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