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Next week is Transgender Awareness Week, so the Anthems podcast will be releasing five special episodes featuring conversations between ten influential activists, creatives and trailblazers. The ambition is to highlight and amplify trans voices, and will feature discussions on trans representation on stage and screen, and the purpose of and importance of queer spaces.

Meanwhile, last week was the Independent Podcast Awards, which celebrates podcasts without a big corporate backer, recognising the work of shows that are put together at home or during someone’s free time.

We have written up a post featuring all of the big winners on the Podcast Rex website, but a special shout out to some of the winners that have been featured in this newsletter. The music podcast Folk on Foot won the Best Arts & Culture category, The Bestseller Experiment won the Books category and the coveted Podcast of the Year went to Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did. Congratulations to all of them.

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What we've been listening to this week:
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Your Next Podcast
Business Noodles and Doodles
Success stories to shape your business thinking. Are you fascinated by business people and what makes them tick? In each episode, they meet entrepreneurs and business leaders with interesting stories to tell. The host, Mark Greaves from PKF Francis Clark, talks to guests who have built successful businesses, finding out what drives them and what they have learned from the challenges they faced along the way. Great if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply interested in the world of business.
Podcast Pick 1
28 Dates Later with Grace Campbell
Fed up with the routine of endlessly downloading and then deleting the same dating apps over and over again, the comedian Grace Campbell has launched a new podcast where she actively dates people who are not her type at all, just in case she has been looking in all the wrong places. These dates, 28 of them in all, are then recorded and picked apart by two of her close friends afterwards.

The light probing by her friends and the surreal dates (Grace’s first date is with a sugar daddy who has dated over 1000 women in three years) makes an entertaining combination. Episodes are also only twenty minutes each, which makes this series an easy addition to your podcast routine.
Podcast Pick 2
An engaging podcast that looks at a different scientific question each week. 

From the episode titles you might think that the issue explored is pretty simple. Issues such as “is it wrong to have sex with robots?” (my reaction: yes) and “are we already receiving messages from aliens?” (my reaction: probably not.) What you end up realising is that actually each issue is far more complicated and layered. And you don’t need a science degree to understand the issue either. I got a C in my GCSEs and I understood everything.
Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
This week on Your Next Podcast, our show that sends you the first episodes of brilliant podcasts, is show in Apple Podcast's Spotlight - Closet Confessions.

As always there's a brilliant introduction from our host Laura Layfield and then you get to sample a recent episode.

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Podcast Pick 4
Life & Art from FT Weekend
Recorded from both sides of the Atlantic, this new Financial Times podcast reviews the latest in culture and the arts that you can get involved in each weekend, with episodes helpfully out every Friday afternoon.

There’s also an exploration on the issues in the arts and in our culture, starting with a deep dive into how Athens is coping with a huge influx of tourists. FT’s Greece and Cyprus correspondent Eleni Varvitsioti joined host Lilah Raptopoulos to talk about the issue (“you feel like the city is losing its soul,” she says) and offers alternative Greek itineraries that will be just as nice but feature fewer crowds.
Podcast Pick 5
Spiritual Mixtape
A podcast that helps you find balance again if you feel like you’ve been knocked off your perch by stress or modern life. Presented by Daisy Mack, each carefully curated episode features practical meditations and exercises to reconnect and ground yourself again, alongside interesting discussions on the latest research guiding these practices. Recent episodes explore the power in accepting other people’s misconceptions of what you’re like, the power of music in healing and the power of walking in resetting yourself.

And, as you would expect for such a topic, each episode is accompanied with a soothing and easy-to-listen soundtrack to keep you at peace.
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