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Ingrid & Anders
Happy World Embroidery Day!
Wishing you a happy and creative World Embroidery Day! 

The initiative came from Skåne Sy-d, a local group from the Swedish Embroiderers’ Guild. The first World Embroidery Day took place in Vismarlöv, Sweden on the 30th July 2011 and is now celebrated annually all over the world.

We have selected some of our favourite quotes from the manifesto:

“Textile reflects our world; embroideries can show the expressions of our time.”

“To engage in creativity that leads to a better understanding between countries and between people. To embroider is a peaceful occupation.”

“You embroider for joy, beauty, decoration and for the creation of identity. Stitches can be decorative, beautiful, comforting, repeating, healing, telling, pleasurable, rebellious, caressing and perfect.”

“People embroider out of joy, as a hobby, professionally, for the bare necessities of life and as an act of freedom. You embroider together with others or in meditative solitude.”

“We want to acknowledge embroidery as an act of free creativity, which can lead to free, creative thoughts and ideas. We want to tie our embroidery threads from the privileged northern hemisphere together with stitches that are sewn by embroidering sisters and brothers all over the world. We want to be part of a joyfully creative peace movement.”

Make 30th July a day filled with creativity for the sake of Peace, Freedom and Equality.

At Dicraft, we invite you to celebrate embroidery with us today and the rest of the week in a way that is meaningful to you.

As a celebratory gift to our lovely Dicraft subscribers we are launching 4 new products and giving you an exclusive discount code for all of them along with some of our other bestselling kits. 

Spoil yourself or your loved ones this World Embroidery Day.
A special sale just for you of all of our new products and some of our latest bestsellers.

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10% off all of the above. 

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Gütermann Threads
14 new Cotton Colour Combinations! 

Gütermann 100% mercerised cotton thread is a lovely strong thread with a lustrous sheen, perfect for embroidering fine detail.

I really enjoy stitching with this thread ♥ It’s strong, lustrous and has a lovely texture. It’s to use in-between other threads and ribbon stitches. Look at the lovely colours!

100 m – 110 yards on a reel and there are 6 reels of gorgeous shades in each pack. Pictured here is Set 1 and Set 7 and Set 10 but we have 14 different sets of colour combinations to choose from. 

Shop Gütermann threads here. Use the discount code WORLD at checkout to get 10% off!
New Forget-Me-Not Silk Ribbon Bundle
Launching the new Forget-Me-Not silk ribbon bundle to add to my Di van Niekerk ribbon range. A popular idea for all ribbon embroiderers.

You will receive a selection of the following colours: Dove Blue, Touch of Pink, Indigo, Lemon, Light Kiwi, Freesia Blue, Cornflower Blue, Wisteria, Autumn Green, Lavender Blue, Hydrangea Blue and Baby Pink – a total of 15 packets of silk ribbon.

This bundle includes 15 packets of ribbon in total:

5 x 2mm packets (3 metres per packet)

5 x 4mm packets (3 metres per packet)

5 x 7mm packets (2 metres per packet)

L I M I T E D   D E A L – Along with 10% off you will also receive a
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NEW 'My Storybook' Kit
A Classic that will be loved by many, this sweet design will take you back to your childhood.

Ready to ship from mid August 2021- place your order now so you don’t miss out! 

♥ This kit will make a lovely gift for a sewing friend and the completed embroidery is sure to become a treasured family heirloom for all generations!

Learn how to create this beauty yourself with step-by-step instructions and high-quality embroidery supplies. 

The full kit includes everything that you need. 

Shop 'Storybook' Kit here.

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Creative Yarns 
Unlock your creativity with this lovely collection of threads and yarns to create an interesting texture in the background.

Useful for making tree trunks and branches, stems and pathways, whatever takes your fancy. Couch or stitch in place with matching thread and tiny stay stitches. 

In this pack, you will find more than 12 different textures, in one creative pack.

See how similar threads and yarns were used to make the trees and branches in Swan Cottage and Tranquil Waters?It saves a lot of time as the yarns fill up the detail quicker than embroidery stitches would. 

Shop the Creative Yarns pack here. Use the discount code WORLD for 10% discount. 
Bestselling Needle book Kit 
This little needle book is just too precious for words and it’s a keeper! We have restocked after completely selling out. It has been a firm favourite and now you can get it for yourself at a special discount of less 10%. Use the code WORLD at checkout. 

The Needlebook (makes a wonderful Christmas gift -  the kit and the completed needlebook (although it's going to be hard to give away!) 

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Bestselling Little Heart Kit
Our Heart Love Kit also makes a wonderful Christmas gift, both the kit and the completed piece. How special to gift a miniature embroidery kit to someone so that they can spend some time doing something for themselves or learning a new and creative skill. 

It would also be a treasure to gift someone the completed piece as your love and precious time went in to making this for them. 

It is a small and easy-to-create project that has a massive impact. 

Shop 'Heart Love' Kit here. Use the code WORLD for 10% discount. 

Share and Learn

Learn how to create a cute little rosebud with this stitch technique.

Free step-by-step tutorial to create a little rosebud using silk ribbon

You can watch my popular video reel here and if you would like the slower step-by-step instructions you can watch my full IGTV video on Instagram here

A Place to Share 


Use this hashtag to share your embroidery work. Others will be able to view it and we will be able to see your lovely pieces. 

It can be anything Dicraft has inspired whether you have used my ribbons, designs, kits, books, lessons, tutorials or if we inspired any of your own pieces. 

I have some beautiful Ribbon Embroidery by talented Olga Basailov to share with you. Here is some of her story: 

Olga found ribbon embroidery a year ago during the beginning of the pandemic. She used my work as an inspiration and one of my books (she loved the Fairy book) to learn the techniques. 

Once she had learnt these she used her imagination to create this piece herself. 

Isn’t it simply stunning? 

A reminder that you can start at any time in your life. When you put your time and passion into something that you love ~ your creativity will flow✨

To see more of this gorgeous piece and to read more of Olga's story, you can find the full blog post here

A Gift for You

Free patterns for our subscribers

I have a lovely pattern for you for World Embroidery day. You are welcome to download the high-resolution monogram letter 'W' pattern here. You can find the instructions for the pattern here. Once you have completed it you can use the hashtag #inspiredbydicraft to share your creation.

Have fun!

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Wishing you a creative and joyful time celebrating World Embroidery day in whichever way that you choose! Until next time, be happy, goed gaan.
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