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First Nations and Yoga Communities coming together on Country in unity and sharing in reciprocity.  

Yaaning Up # 1

Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation’s primary objective is to advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people’s culture within the Australian yoga community.  Through respectful introduction of conversation, learning opportunities and communications activities based on the Reconciliation Action Plan held by Yoga Australia, we will create an integrated role for First Nations people within the yoga community.  


Yaan Circle

Meet the Yaan Circle that guide inform and bring Cutural custodianship to all we do here at Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation.
We look forward to telling you stories from our wonderful Yaan circle members, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders women and men across Australia who practice and/or teach yoga, who connect to Country.

We are curious about their present; their daily practice connecting to self and to the Country they live on. We are curious about their lineage, their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island ancestry, traditions, spirituality… and the past influence this may have had on them throughout life.  We are curious about their aspirations, their personal and/or yogic legacy and what is it in their immediate future that keeps them excited to share with the world.

Watch out next month for our first Yaan circle member interview with Sheila Rose, who lives on Larrakia Country.

Seasonal Tuning

It is time to be present to the reality that across our nation, there are vastly different ecosystems and infinitely different weather patterns. Kosciusko is not Broome and Cooktown ain't Launceston. Across the country, Custodians note 6, 8, 12 and 13 seasons. Paying attention and being present to these seasons, based on the position of the stars and constellations and their direct relationship to the life cycles of plants, animals and insects is perhaps the ultimate commitment to mindfulness and all that this brings. 
It's time to drop the colonial lens of  the 4 seasons of  Spring , Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

In each of the newsletters to follow we bring  you seasonal insights from our Yaan Circle members. Stay tuned to dive a little deeper into how this country cycles and flows.

Media Tips


Made by young people and cultural advisors in Mparntwe/Alice Springs for you to use. Enjoy and share.

This image is Intelhentye - Arrente language for Rock Art 

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RAP News

Excitingly we are now OFFICIAL!!!
Click here to see Yoga Australia's Reconciliation Action up on Reconciliation Australia. 
Let' s use this opportunity and exceed what we thought was possible, to bring about true reciprocity in this country. 

Wondering how to get started? 
If you are a Yoga studio why not open up the possibility of complimentary classes for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island community member for the next year. Big things from Little things grow. 

We list you here and help you get the word out to community. Check out the application form you might use by clicking on Yoga Ventures listing with us.


Reciprocity is sometimes seen as a preferable term to reconciliation. Community members point to the fact that, given the one sided grabbing of power in pursuit of exploitation of this land's resources, there was never actually a relationship to begin with that fell apart and now needs to be reconciled. It is pointed out that reciprocity, which implies interchange, mutual understanding, complementarity, congruence, connectedness, interdependence and exchange, is a better destination to strike out for.

This part of our newsletter highlights acts of reciprocity between Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island and Yoga communities.


Ngungwulah's marketplace is a place to come to and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island suppliers. We are weaving a story across the country  to bring beautiful items into our shop that keep telling the story of this country. From jewelry to leggings, ochre to bush tucker, coconut oil products to yoga mats to affirmation cards. ..... stay tuned.

Ngungwulah takes a 15% commission from all sales on our website to support our running costs. 

Many thanks to Gemma Lloyd of SACRED COUNTRY COLLECTIVE for sharing this picture . Want to get weaving?Check out their new weaving kits.

What's on this month? 

This section will link to a  public google calendar to let everyone know about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island special dates, Cultural Awareness, Care for Country and Reciprocity based happenings. If you have anything you'd like to see on this calendar please let us know. We will list each event for the month below and feature one. This month we feature  : 



Have you ever thought about training in the wellness modality from the land on which you live?
Wayapa® Wuurrk is first internationally accredited Aboriginal wellness modality, an Earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being. Wayapa translates to ‘Connection’, Wuurrk translates to “Earth”.

Wayapa is for everyone, regardless of your ancestry, and is a beautiful invitation for us all to become more connected with the land in which we live and a call to action to become the contemporary stewards of the Earth.
The Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner training is profound in its simplicity, completely decolonised learning with small groups over 7 days, all experiential, no books, knowledge passed on traditional ways such as storytelling, lively conversations and non-verbal communication through movement. Once completed you are invited into the thriving Wayapa Wuurrk community which is a place where we all have purpose and are valued. 

Filled with aprox 200 practitioners of all cultural ancestry and from all walks of life. The community is a safe place to connect, grow and share ways we can all walk together, a little more gently on the planet.

Wayapa practitioners are sharing this practice everywhere from corporate settings through to kindergarten spaces and everywhere in between and becoming more in demand in yoga spaces and allowing creativity and expansion of your career as a wellness practitioner. 

 “Wayapa Wuurrk has been the missing piece of the jigsaw
puzzle that has brought a deeper connection to all of my practices.”
Jem Stone, Wayapa Wuurrk Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Yaan Circle Member, Ngungwulah Director

For more information or to Enrol go to
Or Email Jem 


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