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With 2024 only around the corner (god I know where has this year gone?) we’re asking you to tell us your favourite podcast of this year. Your recommendations will make one of two special editions of the Great British Podcasts newsletter that will go out between Christmas and New Year.

Has a new daily podcast become an essential part of your routine? Did a breakthrough series enrich your world on an important subject? Have you been gripped by new immersive fiction, or have your perspective changed by an interesting guest? Now is the time to tell us. We’re particularly keen to hear about shows you think are underrated and deserve more recognition, because it is a big podcasting world out there.

All you need to do is head to our Podcast Rex website and put in your suggestion. Under the question “Why do you like it?” - make sure you write PICK 2023.

In other news Joe Lycett is coming to podcasting. The very right wing comedian is launching Turdcast, where guests reveal their most horrifying toilet stories (no, really.) The first episode will be launching on Friday 24th November, with Gary Lineker as the first guest.

In a statement to the press sent earlier this week, Lycett said: “Famous people are just like you or me -  they sometimes find themselves experiencing a blissful quarter of an hour with a novel and a multipack of Cushelle, or flooring it down the M6 in a race against time to find a Welcome Break cubicle. Let’s face it, most podcasts are just celebrities talking shit – Turdcast will now make that official.”

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What we've been listening to this week:
If you have a podcast recommendation that you think everyone should know about, or you want to suggest your own podcast, all you need to do is fill in the forms on our website
Podcast Pick 1
A new series, presented by the writer and broadcaster Afia Hirsch and historian Peter Frankopan, re-examining the lives of some of the most notable people in our history, to work out whether we should reconsider their reputation and legacy. As this podcast comes from Wondery, the same makers of British Scandal, you can expect immersive storytelling and production, with sharp analysis and reaction.

“We’re living in an age where a lot of those received wisdoms or ideas that have been handed down more comfortably for generations are, rightly, being debated in a new way and a new light,” says Hirsch. 

The first set of episodes looks at the life of Napoleon. Episodes are out weekly, but you can get the first few sets of episodes now if you are a subscriber to Wondery+.
Podcast Pick 2
The Crown: Fact or Fiction
The first few episodes of the final season of The Crown debuted earlier this week (generating quite a few headlines, understandably.) To coincide there is this new podcast, hosted by Royal correspondent Natasha Livingstone, picking apart each new episode, looking at what events are grounded in fact, what events are completely fictitious and analysing whether any of the embellishments of the truth actually matters. 

“Overall, [The Crown] broadly follows the chronology of royal life and there are plenty of mistakes,” says host and royal correspondent Robert Hardman. “Some of the mistakes don’t matter so much: people wearing the wrong medals at the wrong time, some are quite comical, people popping up several years after they were dead.”
Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
This week on Your Next Podcast, our show that sends you to brilliant podcasts, is Jimi Famurewa's Where's Home Really

As always there's a brilliant introduction from our host Laura Layfield and then you get to sample a recent episode.

Remember, if you follow Your Next Podcast it means there will ALWAYS be something new on your podcast app to listen to. What are you waiting for? Follow Your Next Podcast now.
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Podcast Pick 4
This Is Not A Drill
Longtime readers of this newsletter will be familiar with Doomsday Watch, a podcast that explored all the threats that humanity is currently facing (I know that might sound bleak, but trust me it was a highly engrossing series.) 

Well, the podcast has got a new name and a new host, Gavin Esler. It also has a slightly rejigged focus, looking now at threats to global stability, such as Trump re-entering the Whitehouse, rather than the absolute worst threats facing our humanity (although Trump re-entering the White House would be of course bad). What remains in the podcast is sharp analysis and well considered guests. 

And, bizarrely, each episode doesn’t add anxiety. The more you know about these issues, the more knowledge you have at your disposal.
Podcast Pick 5
Where It’s At: A Short History of Girl Bands
A new eight part series charting the success of British girl bands over the years, from Spice Girls to Little Mix. It weaves together their stories, highlights their legacies, documents the highs and lows and the relentlessness of the industry. And there’s a particular emphasis on legacy, highlighting how one generation of girl bands then influenced and inspired the next.

But more than anything, this series is just full of clips of great nostalgic bangers. You won’t hear the full song, obviously, because of rights. But you’ll undoubtedly add some songs to your playlist afterwards.
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