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Meanwhile Girls Aloud reforming. David Cameron in front line politics. And a new episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant and Catherine Tate was on television. We’re back in the 2010s!

To coincide with “The Star Beast,” the first of the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, The Official Doctor Who Podcast launched yesterday. Columnist and writer Juno Dawson, TikToker Tyrell Charles and digital creator Christel Dee will be delving into each episode, featuring additional insights by showrunner Russell T Davies. Juno is also behind an official audio play Doctor Who: Redacted, which came back last month.

As you can imagine, there’s a number of fan podcasts too. The Doctor Who Podcast features fans Michele, Phil and James previewing the episode. Doctor Who expert Toby Hadoke has a show delving into classic Who, called Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels.

And Who Watch Podcast, presented by Beth Axford and David Chipakupaku, features the duo watching every Doctor Who episode that has ever aired, which is handy considering that every episode the show is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

In other news… in last week’s newsletter we mentioned a new podcast called Joe Lycett’s Turdcast, where celebrities talk about their toilet habits. The whole thing ended up being a stunt (of course it was) for a new Joe Lycett campaign drawing attention to the billions of litres of raw sewage that end up in our rivers and seas every year. Head to the Turdcast website to message your water company and join his campaign (the Gary Lineker episode will actually drop, pardon the pun, though.) 
What we've been listening to this week:
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Your Next Podcast
Somewhere on Earth: The Global Tech Podcast
Looking for an alternative to the same old tech podcasts? Well don't worry there's a new show that’s coming to your rescue. Somewhere on Earth: The Global Tech Podcast is a weekly show that looks at technology and how it impacts our daily lives. There's untold and unloved tech stories from around the world - from connecting every school in the world to the internet to 3D printing new homes for disaster zones. Plus they're creating a ‘tech for good ecosystem’ where new ideas and technologies can find support and evolve. 

The show is presented by Gareth Mitchell (BBC Digital Planet, BBC Inside Science) with a team of studio experts from London, New York, Sao Paulo and Nairobi, plus questions and comments from listeners. Their aim is to find a story, make it news and change the world (not too ambitious surely?) 
Podcast Pick 1
Carrie Jade Does Not Exist
Carrie Jade was known for her disability activism and because of her openness with her experiences with Huntington's Disease. She won a prize backed by the Financial Times newspaper and had built a considerable following on her TikTok accounts, where she 

Only, and you can probably tell by the name of the title of the episode, Carrie Jade did not exist. In fact, the person who pretended to be Carrie was also five other people. The broadcaster Sue Perkins and journalist Katherine Denkinson, who worked on the original investigation for VICE, have a new series exploring how she was able to create so many identities, and how she infiltrated so many people’s lives.
Podcast Pick 2
James Acaster’s new spoof podcast as a surreal one, as you would expect if you are familiar with James Acaster’s work. In fact, as the podcast spoof highlights at the very beginning, it turns out that Acaster isn’t his real name at all. In fact, he’s Pat Springleaf, an undercover cop. The comedian and his career was all a cover.

The cast is eclectic too. The cast includes Chloe Petts, Domhnall Gleeson, Finn Wolfhard, Freya Parker, Evelyn Mol, Sindhu Vee and … Louis Theroux.
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Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
This week on Your Next Podcast, our show that sends you to brilliant podcasts, is Naked Villainy from the Storyteller podcast. 

As always there's a brilliant introduction from our host Laura Layfield and then you get to sample a recent episode.

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Podcast Pick 4
Unlawful Killing
A new series, brought to you by the charity INQUEST, shining a light on the hundreds of people who die in prison, in custody or in mental health facilities in the UK every year.

The murders of Sarah Everard and institutional racism within the Metropolitan Police have created more attention on this important issue, but as hosts Lee Lawrence and Lucy Brisbane point out at the start of the series, it goes back decades. The series features interviews with victim’s families, campaigners and advocates, amplifying their stories as they seek justice. The podcast has been made with Aunt Nell, who are the winners of the British Podcast Award winning series The Log Books.
Podcast Pick 5
A Little Bit Richer - with Kia Commodore
A snappy podcast that explores how you can use your money wiser, presented by the financial influencer Kia Commodore. The advice is concise and practical, breaking down a complicated topic with language that even financial novices (like me) can easily understand.

Just in time for the run-up to Christmas, there’s a handy guide about spending wisely during the cost of living crisis.
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