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Good news: the sun will set every day after 4.30pm between now and November.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get stuck into a good crime series to help tide you over these darker evenings.

Catching the Kingpins, presented by seasoned podcast investigator Mobeen Azhar, is a new six part documentary delving into the largest organised crime bust in British history. It was after police managed to crack into EncroChat, an encrypted phone network that was favoured by criminals.

Anatomy of a Stalker is a new series that delves into the why of human behaviour. Presented by Ruchira Sharma, this five-parter explores why people stalk, and whether people who stalk can change their behaviour and stop.

It’s a pressing issue. One in five women and one in twelve men will be stalked at one point in their lifetime, and more than half of all stalkers who are convicted go on to stalk again. But as this podcast explains, there’s not a typical profile of a stalker and the reasons why someone stalks is surprisingly complex. 

For true crime of a different style, Page 94: The Private Eye Podcast has another episode unpacking the latest developments of The Post Office Scandal. And Carrie Jade Does Not Exist, a podcast hosted by Sue Perkins investigating a woman who took on six different identities to fool vulnerable people, has announced that it has had one million listens, so it is well worth a listen if you haven’t already.
What we've been listening to this week:
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Podcast Pick 1
Untold: The Retreat
A chilling new investigation by the Financial Times looking at Goenka network, an exclusive and intensive meditation retreat. And when I say intensive meditation, I mean it. Meditations would start at 4am, would last for ten hours, and the course would involve no contact with the outside world. Whilst the treatment has been favoured by thousands, it has also been described by some as being like a “voluntary prison.”

Host Madison Marriage, who has been investigating this organisation for the past 12 months, started her enquiries after receiving an email from a father, who is adamant that their experiences severely detrimentally affected the mental wellbeing of his two twin daughters. There are four episodes in the series, with a new episode out every Wednesday.
Podcast Pick 1
The Louis Theroux Podcast
Fresh from the latest series of Louis Theroux Interviews on BBC Two, Theroux is now launching the second series of his interview podcast. And unlike the first series, this one will now be available beyond the walled garden of Spotify, on all podcast apps.

And similar to his TV series, the guests that are invited onto his podcast are an eclectic mix. Guests coming up in the series include Sharon Stone, Baz Luhrmann and PinkPantheress. His first guest? The one and only Paul Mescal. 

They talk about his rise to fame following Normal People and the uniqueness of being within the public eye. Theroux introduces him in the most Theroux way possible. “The young and notably gorgeous, [Mescal], I’m told. I didn’t notice. I’m very very very straight.”
Podcast Pick 1
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Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
The great thing about Your Next Podcast is it means every week you've got a brand new show ready to listen to without doing any work. That's what the host Lauren Layfield does. 

This week it's the BBC's Catching The Kingpins. A 6-part true crime podcast documenting the biggest organised crime bust in British policing history.

What are you waiting for? Follow Your Next Podcast now.
Podcast Pick 4
ITV News - Talking Politics
New week, new politics podcast, but this is a series worth keeping an eye on. In each episode, out every Wednesday, News at Ten’s Tom Bradby is joined by Politics Editor Robert Peston and Deputy Political Editor Anushka Asthana where they unpack the latest political news.

But whilst a lot of other podcasts simply have pundits voicing their views over the course of an hour, this series is just pure analysis on the latest polling and what the different political parties might be thinking and strategising, which is all pivotal in an election year. The podcast has also got a pacey style with a conciseness akin to a news report. Handy.
Podcast Pick 4
Small Ways to Live Well
A delightful and warm podcast by The Simple Things magazine full to the brim of advice on how to get through the rest of winter (that’s the six weeks).

Presented by the monthly magazine’s editor Lisa Sykes, the first episode looks at comfort, from how to embrace darkness to the best hot drinks to consume. There’s a particular emphasis on using this time of year to rest and recharge, so you can take on the rest of the year when people start to head out again. Hear hear.
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