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Two established podcast companies have announced their closure this last week.

Broccoli Productions, behind the series Human Resources and Anthems, is closing as their partnership with Sony Music Entertainment ended earlier than planned. Gemma Cairney and Beth Clayton’s Boom Shakalaka, behind In Your Place, is also wrapping up.

Both of these companies amplified marginalised voices and tried to make the audio industry more inclusive. “These are profound losses to the UK audio industry and a damning indictment of its failure to meaningfully support diverse voices and new perspectives in audio,” said podcaster Ella Watts. 

“We also came up against challenges,” wrote Gemma and Beth on their website. “We found the hoop-jumping and box-ticking of commissioning processes, funding and awards exhausting. We found the unwillingness to invest the money it takes to make a truly diverse industry frustrating.”

“While Broccoli is closing, the people who have been doing that work aren’t going anywhere,” wrote a statement on Broccoli. “To the gate keepers of the audio industry; it’s your turn now - we’re hopeful that the torch will be picked up and continued.” 

In other news, there has also been a notable change for accessibility in podcasting in the last week, with Apple’s latest operating software offering transcripts for shows. This news article has more details.
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Podcast Pick 1
In Haste
Thinking about writing a book this year? This engaging and informative new literary podcast by authors Alice Vincent and Charlotte Runcie lifts the lid on the writing process, revealing the habits and writing processes of established authors. 

“I think it is very easy to assume that writers have a lot of time to write and they are able to write sparkling prose and brilliant books because they have endless hours in the day,” says Vincent. “But that’s not true.”

Their first episode looks at the challenges and opportunities in turning your diary entries into writing, featuring an interview with the acclaimed memoir author Amy Liptrot. There’s more podcast and special content on the Inhaste Substack.
Podcast Pick 1
Queer The Music
A new podcast, hosted by Jake Shears, celebrating the music and anthems that have resonated with queer people. A neat idea!

His first guest is Rebecca Lucy Taylor (aka. Self Esteem) who is currently performing alongside Shears in Cabaret in London’s West End. They both talk about her music, in particular the 2021 hit record “I Do This All The Time.”

The song, which features a lot of spoken word reflecting on life and love, were formed from collating the one liners she had previously written on her iPhone. “I always knew it was perfect, for me, for what I wanted it to do.” She also untaps the meaning of some of the cryptic lyrics, such as the one about the BBQ.

Interestingly, if you are planning to listen to InHaste, I would recommend heading here after, as this podcast features a lot of insights about writing and the writing process.
Podcast Pick 1
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Your Next Podcast
Your Next Podcast
The great thing about Your Next Podcast is it means every week you've got a brand new show ready to listen to without doing any work. That's what the host Lauren Layfield does. 

This week it's Sisters in Sobriety. Sisters Sonia and Kathleen navigate the ups and downs of sobriety, explore stories of personal growth and share their journey of wellness and recovery.

What are you waiting for? Follow Your Next Podcast now.
Podcast Pick 4
Offstage: Inside The X Factor
Whilst The X Factor has not been on British screens for nearly five years, the reality show has remained in public consciousness, with memes and famous auditions still making the rounds on social media. So what was the experience really like for the contestants who appeared on it and how did it transform their life?

Chi Chi Izundu has spent a lot of time reaching out to contestants for interviews, and this new Radio 4 series features their stories.

It reveals the judging process (such as that there are two audition rounds before anyone performs in front of Cowell) and that production staff had to pitch the contestants they believed should be in the show to execs, “it was a nasty environment,” one insider says. It also unpacks that whilst some contestants found their experiences humiliating and exploitative, others found their time in the show helpful to where they have ended up now. And it reminds you just how popular X Factor was, with 17 million watching the show at its height.
Podcast Pick 4
Trapped: The IPP Prisoner Scandal
Ever since The Post Office Scandal there has been an onus to highlight other miscarriages of justice that deserve time in the limelight. One such scandal that deserves attention is the 3000 or so people currently in British prisons with an IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection.) These are sentences with an indeterminate length, meaning a prisoner can serve time for something far beyond other inmates who did a similar crime, even if their crime was for something relatively minor such as theft. 

And as it is unclear when they will be let out, if they are let out at all. The mental health and emotional consequences can be devastating, with 87 prisoners with such sentences having taken their own lives. This informative podcast, hosted by Sam Asumadu, unpacks the scandal and those affected.
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