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New Year, Better JazzJune

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It’s a new year and JazzJune has been hard at work continuing to deliver on our promise of creating digital tools that can help every learner achieve their goals. If you still haven’t signed up for your free account, it’s quick and easy to do so by clicking here. Keep reading and be the first to learn about the latest improvements to the JazzJune ecosystem.

Enhanced Security

Safety and security at JazzJune is always top of mind. So we added a few additional security measures to help keep your profile safe and reduce the number of potential spam users.

  • Direct messaging now has a maximum number of people that can be included in a single message. This helps reduce the number of people that a potential spammer can contact at one time. If you need to include more people in a message than what is currently allowed, we recommend creating a group.
  • User activity can be reported if there is a violation of the Social Guidelines. At JazzJune, we’re not like the other social networks out there, we’re having a different conversation. So, to help reduce misinformation, harassment, bullying or non-learning related activity, you can now click the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of the offending post and report it for the moderators at JazzJune to investigate further.
  • Users can block other users on JazzJune. If the user has violated any of our Social Guidelines, be sure to report them first and then block them.

Ratings & Reviews

JazzJune prides itself on becoming the centralized marketplace to discover learning opportunities. Helping our learners make decisions on the best learning for them requires information and transparency. This is why JazzJune has decided to develop its own ratings and reviews feature. Did you take a class that was so good, you wish everyone knew? Write a review on JazzJune. Were you thinking the class was going to be something different? Share your experience on JazzJune and help others learn from it.


Finding the right course or class for you is one thing, keeping track of it all is another – that’s why we introduced Favorites. Want a quick easy way to save the course, class, program, event or crowdfund in a place where you can easily view it later? Just click the heart in the upper right corner of any listing on JazzJune and it will be saved to your Favorites, which are located in your profile.
We have so many more developments on the horizon for 2022, but we wanted to share these with you first. Look for updates from us about once a week as we continue to build the future of learning.
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