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January 20, 2022
District Test Coordinators,

We have been receiving many calls and emails directly from parents and teachers regarding test administration and concerns regarding:

  • ARS 15-808B for Arizona Online Schools (AOIs)
  • Testing administration in general
  • Waivers from the test administration requirements
As the District Test Coordinator, please make sure you are communicating with your schools, including principals and teachers, to address concerns regarding statewide testing. Parents are calling our staff directly, indicating the school sent them to us to ask for a waiver or permission to opt out of statewide testing requirements. This is exacerbating the issue as they are looking to ADE to give them special permission or exemptions that we have no authority to grant. There are both state and federal requirements we must follow, and there no allowable options for opting out nor medical exemptions from statewide testing.

Please use the resources we have shared with you to help your schools communicate with your families, including the Statewide Assessment Creative Solutions for Test Administration.

While it is important to hear and be responsive to our stakeholder's concerns, we want to be sure that concerns are being addressed by districts and schools first. Parents' biggest concern is about testing right now and testing safely. You can help address these concerns by letting them know your district/school has contingency plans to test all eligible students. ADE and LEAs work closely to ensure everyone will have the most up to date information regarding testing. We encourage you to set up testing later in the test window for families that have concerns at this time. Parents are also concerned about testing locations. Offer flexibility where you can. District Test Coordinators should reach out to us if further clarification or assistance is needed.

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