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We shared this in Slack and we'd like to open our newsletter with it too: We want to acknowledge that it's an especially tough time for a lot of people whom we are close to, connected with, or generally share a sense of agape with and for. If you need or would like to share thoughts, comments, or requests for a listening ear or reading eye, you're welcome to send any of us Uncommon hosts a message. 

Take care of yourselves, and of each other. If there's a way we can help you do that, please ask. 

With great affection, 
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📚Tomorrow: Author Q&A with Richard Millington 
We'll focus conversation topics around key themes including attracting your first members, setting the stage for real and enduring community engagement, and community KPIs across different stages of your community's growth—and we'll be taking questions from the audience (that's you!). Register for the live event tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2, from 9 am - 10 am PST or to simply get the recording in your inbox to watch at your leisure, preferably with popcorn.
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Uncommon Conversations 
Community leader and manager, Reddit

"True communities are when people have [a] common interest, situation, mission. They come together, but they have a common effort that they're pushing towards and they get there by interacting with each other."
Community strategist, researcher, and author

"In our communities, we should build from a place of deep service. So any metric that you're using should tell you how well you are serving people."
Job Board: Uncommon Opportunities in Community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read (or 👂)

  • Light: In our recent author Q&A, Carrie Melissa Jones talked about some of the free resources she creates for community builders to use and grow with. Here's an excellent one filled with ideas for engaging online events
  • Medium: Want to start hosting your own Twitter Spaces? Try these three simple Twitter Spaces steps for preparing yourself, your guests, and your audience. 
  • Deep: Community leader and consultant Jeph Abu discusses minimum viable communities, setting intentional community goals, and more with Sam Shepler on this "State of Customer Storytelling" podcast. 37 minutes well spent.
News from Common Room: The SaaS Behind Uncommon
  • Customer highlights: Learn how Asana and dbt Labs use Common Room to improve the experiences of their community members and the teams that support them. 
  • Product releases: Segments enable you to nurture and manage your community members, and to build and track new programs with the right folks at the right time.
  • Team news: We're continuing to add new Roomies to the team! Join us.
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