Types of Play: The importance of Sensory Play Experiences
Research tells us that children learn best through play, especially in the early years. In our play-based programs we provide children with rich and diverse playful opportunities; to embrace the environments with curiosity and openness to explore at their own pace. We offer children materials and experiences that will provide them with various opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge and challenge their skills and learn those of others. Various types of play not only support children’s learning and development across all domains (physical, emotional, cognitive, and social) but provide opportunities to take manageable risks and challenge themselves in safe and supportive environments. Important types of play that we support include sensory play, messy play, independent play, big body play, risk play, and more!

We will be running a series of posts on “Types of Play” and are pleased to share the first installment on the importance of sensory play.
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Cook's Corner
In Umbrella child care programs, our cooks are responsible for menu planning, purchasing groceries and supplies, and daily preparation of nutritious meals and snacks for the children who are enrolled in our infant, toddler, and preschool programs. They are valuable and important team members and work diligently every day to make sure the children are offered healthy options. Cook’s Corner is a blog series that will share more information about our cooks and how food is prepared and served in our programs. Enjoy!

For our first post of this series, meet Umbrella Viola Desmond's cook Diana Safranyos, and learn more about her process through a Q&A and short video.
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Black History Month
During Black History Month in 2022, children in Umbrella centres celebrated Black Canadians that have had an impact on our history. Particularly important and meaningful to our children and families are four individuals that schools our programs operate in are named after: Lincoln Alexander, Michaëlle Jean, Ray Lewis, and Viola Desmond.
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Storypark Update
We are pleased to announce that all of our programs are now using Storypark, with almost all families participating with this communication engagement tool.

When the pandemic prevented families from entering and engaging in programs, we researched a variety of tools that could support this important connection between our child care programs and families. Storypark was the best option for Umbrella and has provided an alternative opportunity for communicating with families. The Storypark app allows families to ‘see’ what their children are experiencing in programs and keep informed of their children’s learning and development through stories shared by the educators. In our infant, toddler, and preschool programs, educators are also sharing important information about children’s daily routines such as how much they are eating, sleeping, etc. The opportunities to share stories of the children's play-based learning continue to be an important tool for engaging families in their children’s early learning experiences.

More information about Storypark, and support with using the Family App ➜

Storypark also has a blog where they publish inspiring information for families and educators.

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Spring Activities in Hamilton
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Dundurn National Historic Site | March 14-18

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At Royal Botanical Gardens | Now - May 1
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