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Achievement District Test Coordinator Updates and Reminders
March 23, 2022
Achievement District Test Coordinators,

We want to share with you some of the lessons we learned throughout the AASA Writing Stand-Alone Field Test administration in January-February. We hope this will be helpful to you as we proceed through the operational test windows this spring. Please see the "Lessons Learned" document linked below.

Work Requests in PearsonAccessNext (PAN)
AASA, AzSCI, and ACT Aspire all use the Work Request process in PearsonAccessNext when students need to be transferred from one school to another. Please check each PAN site daily for transfer requests that may be waiting for your approval by looking for the red bell at the top of the webpage.
Work Request Guidelines
Once testing has begun, please check if a student has already completed testing prior to approving a transfer request. Please use the following guidelines for AASA, AzSCI, and ACT Aspire:
  • If a student has not started testing, APPROVE the transfer request.
  • If a student has completed one or more test units, but has not completed the entire test (AASA, AzSCI, or ACT Aspire), APPROVE the transfer request.
  • If a student has completed all test units of the assessment (AASA, AzSCI, or ACT Aspire), REJECT the transfer request and indicate in the comments field, "Student has already completed testing."
Note: The Work Request process is not utilized for student transfers for the ACT test. For ACT, use the "Support Request" process described in the ACT section of this email. ACT will then check if a student has already completed testing before processing the support request.

Please see below for important DTC updates and reminders for AASA, AzSCI, ACT, and ACT Aspire. 
The Spring 2022 AASA Test Administration Directions (TAD) and Test Coordinator's Manual (TCM) are posted on our website, on the AASA webpage and on the Achievement District Test Coordinator's webpage, under the dropdown for "Spring 2022 Manuals and Checklists". Please note there is a separate TAD for computer-based testing and for paper-based testing.

  • Hard copies of the TADs and TCMs will be delivered to districts and charters soon!
AASA test sessions can be prepared in PearsonAccessNext (PAN) beginning March 28. Please note the "Prepare Sessions" button is still appearing in PAN from the Writing SAFT; however, this button is not currently functional, and you will receive an error if you attempt to prepare AASA sessions prior to March 28.

Testing groups that were created for the Writing SAFT will remain in PAN for AASA; however, students must be re-added to the testing groups for AASA.
Paper-Based Testing Information

Paper-based testing materials are being delivered in districts this week. Please note that paper test booklets and Pre-ID labels were shipped separately and will arrive in separate packages from the test booklets.

Please inventory materials upon receipt. If additional materials are needed, an Additional Order may be placed in PAN beginning March 25. All additional orders will be reviewed by ADE prior to approval.

  If you have any questions about AASA, please contact us at
The AzSCI test window is now open! More than 20,000 AzSCI test units have been administered so far across the state.

Testing Assistance
  • If students are testing, use "URGENT: Students Testing" in the subject area. Emails received about students testing who need assistance right away are prioritized.
  • State the problem and provide only SSIDs of students - to protect student privacy, do not include student names.
Reminder: Hard copies of AzSCI Test Coordinator's Manuals and Test Administration Directions will not be sent to districts or charters for AzSCI. These manuals are posted electronically on our website and in PearsonAccessNext. A limited number of copies are available to order during the AzSCI Additional Order window, if needed. The Additional Order window for AzSCI is open now and closes on April 7.

If you have any questions about AzSCI, please contact us at
  • The Additional Order window for ACT Test Window #2 closes on Friday, March 25.
  • Schools administering ACT during ACT Test Window #2 may begin creating and assigning students to sessions on March 30.
  • Students may complete information in MyACT prior to testing and up to two days after students finish testing. Students who set up a MyACT account will have the opportunity to send their ACT scores to up to 4 colleges or scholarship agencies for free and will receive their test results 11-14 days faster than waiting for paper score reports.
  • There is a report in ACT's PAN where you can see which students have used their student code to access the non-test information in MyACT. To access the report, go to Reports > Published Reports. In the "Find Reports" field, enter: Student Code Usage.
If you need to add students to your rosters in PAN for ACT testing, you will need to submit a Support Request to ACT using the Enroll or Unenroll Students file. Complete this template, then in ACT's PAN site, go to Support > Support Requests, then create a request to make the change. ACT will use the template to import and format the student data for you. This process is also used to add students who have newly transferred into your school or district.

If you have any questions about ACT, please contact us at
We are receiving questions about timing for ACT Aspire and how this is addressed when a student takes a restroom break during a test unit. According to the ACT Aspire manuals, this is a local decision. However, per State guidance, in an effort to keep paper and online testing as similar as possible, students who choose to leave the classroom to use the restroom during online testing should not log out of their online test, which would stop the testing session time. Please be aware the student will lose testing time. Encourage students to use the restroom prior to starting a session or during breaks. Logs are required to be maintained by each testing room or classroom and should include the date, student name, time left the room, and time returned.

  • Hard copies of manuals will not be sent to districts for ACT Aspire. All manuals are available electronically on the ACT Aspire page of the ACT-hosted website for Arizona.
  • Sessions for ACT Aspire were not automatically created when students were uploaded to PAN by ADE. This step will need to be completed by schools/districts. 
  • Live Q&A chats with Aspire experts have been scheduled from February - May 2022. Please attend one of these sessions if you have questions about Aspire. Following each session, a recording will also be available on demand. You can register for any of the sessions here.
Please reference the Aspire Accessibility Supports Guide for information about Aspire accommodations, designated supports, and English learner supports. The test coordinator is responsible for documenting these supports on the Personal Needs Profile (PNP) and maintaining documentation securely on file for one year after testing.

Use the Aspire Personal Needs Profile (PNP) file to:
  • Assign accommodations for online testing
  • Create test sessions and assign students to sessions
  • Create testing groups/classes (optional) 
More information about the Aspire PNP file can be located under Step 3: Accommodation on the ACT-hosted Aspire webpage. 

If you have any questions about ACT Aspire, please contact us at

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