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Achievement District Test Coordinator Updates and Reminders
April 27, 2022
Achievement District Test Coordinators,

The computer-based testing windows for AASA ELA, AASA Math, and ACT Aspire will be closing on April 29, 2022. No test window extensions are available, so please administer any remaining AASA and/or ACT Aspire tests, including makeup tests, by the end of the school day on April 29th. As a reminder, the computer-based test windows for AASA Writing, AzSCI, and ACT, as well as all paper-based testing windows, are now closed.

A report is available in PAN to help identify students in your school or district/charter who have been assigned a test but who have not yet completed testing. This report is available for both AASA and ACT Aspire. To access the report in PAN, go to Reports > Operational Reports > Students & Registrations > Students Tests that have been Assigned but have not yet Completed.

For AASA, all student responses from Special Paper Version tests must also be entered in TestNav by 5:00pm on April 29, 2022.

Marking Tests Complete
  • AASA: Please do not mark tests "Complete" in PAN for AASA or AzSCI. Pearson is marking tests complete for these assessments.
  • ACT Aspire: As stated in the manuals, when an examinee finishes the last test, the examinee's status is automatically updated to "Completed." If an examinee does not finish testing (e.g., dismissal, illness), the room supervisor must manually mark the examinee's test complete.
    • It is not necessary for schools/districts to mark the "Will Not Test" and "Do Not Report" checkboxes in PAN for ACT Aspire for students who have withdrawn or will not test.
A test status in PAN of "Marked Complete" indicates a test was in an active state at the end of the day and was force closed by PAN to prevent a student from accessing it again at a later date. A test status of "Complete" means the student submitted the test.
AASA and AzSCI Reporting

The final Friday Focus webinar of this school year, AASA and AzSCI Reporting, was held on Friday, April 22, 2022. The recording and PowerPoint presentation are posted on our website at, under the "Friday Focus Webinars 2021-2022" dropdown. An FAQ with answers to the questions asked during the webinar will be posted soon!

  • On-Demand Reporting will be available in PAN for AASA. Testing groups set up in PAN for AASA by April 29, 2022 will be visible in On-Demand Reporting.
  • Parent Portal for AASA - more information on this is coming soon! Please view the webinar and see the May 2nd issue of The Examiner for an overview.

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