Your Uncommon guest curator: Rosie Sherry
Ask Rosie what the answer to life is and she’ll say ‘community’. One day, many years ago, Rosie discovered community and community building and has forever been in love. Community is everything.
Last month, we opened Common Room to the broader public buoyed by expertise and enthusiasm from our customers and community members. As part of the celebration, we invited five guest curators to share their community knowledge and highlight helpful articles, leaders, and learnings they've recently come across. This month, we're elated to bring you the Uncommon community newsletter as curated by Rosie Sherry, a human who has and continues to elevate the idea and profession of community on the daily, through Rosieland and beyond.

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Uncommon insights from community leaders 
Agile/lean consultant and coach

Why Rosie chose it: I love following Emily - she does great work around communities of practices. I also happen to believe that communities of practices will become the norm of how people learn in the future. Plus the way she framed this is just ⭐.
Consultant, trainer, and speaker

Why Rosie chose it: Money! We need money to make our communities work. I highlight this mostly because we don’t really talk about it enough. I hope this can be somewhere to start.
Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read. Rosie's recos:

News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
  • Introducing Common Room: You likely heard the news, but we opened Common Room broadly on March 31. GeekWire wrote about it, and it was neat.
  • Webinar with Webflow: Matthew Munger, Sr. Product Expert at Webflow, joined us for a webinar to talk about how Webflow uses Common Room to support community building best practices.
  • User guides: Check out our user guides to learn how to use Common Room like a pro, from core features to popular workflows.
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