13 May 2022
Associate Number: 999999
Using ePEN2
Dear Associate,

Thank you for accepting a contract for the upcoming examination series. For this series you will be using our marking platform ePEN2, this will be highlighted in your contract(s). To ensure you are ready and familiar with it, please follow the guidance contained within this email.

We recommend that you
clear your browsing data before logging in.

Accessing ePEN2
If you have used ePEN2 before, you already have an account and you should use the same Log in ID and password created when you set up that account. If you are new to ePEN, an invite will have recently been sent. Please ensure you can access the
correct version of ePEN2.

Unable to remember your password?
Click on Reset your Password. Use your Login ID and email address to run through your security questions and reset the password.

Never created a new user account for ePEN2?
Click on Setup your Login. Use your Login ID and this email address to move through the steps required to set up your account.

What you need to do now
In preparation for this series and to ensure you do not encounter any delays during the marking window please carry out the following: 

  • Ensure you can Log into ePEN2 
  • Make sure you are optimised to use ePEN2 by reviewing ePEN2 System Requirements
  • Review ePEN2 Support Material on the website and view relevant guides
  • Familiarise yourself with the platform using the DEMO admin. Please note that the DEMO paper might not match your subject area.

What will happen next
If you have not already, you will soon be attending standardisation for your relevant paper(s). Please be aware live papers will only be available 48hrs after the exam has taken place. If you need to contact us, please visit the
Pearson Support Portal.
Yours sincerely,

Innovation and Support Team
The noreply@pearsonassociate.pearson.com address is not monitored, if you need to contact Pearson please follow the specific contact information that has been provided above. 

Associate Communications

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