09 May 2022
Associate Number: 999999
Update to ADP Payroll Platform, ADP Freedom Accessibility and eP60 21/22
Dear Associate,

I am pleased to announce that, after listening to your feedback, we are now in the process of implementing a move away from ADP Freedom over to ADP GlobalView as our new payroll platform for the entire Associate workforce.

This change will bring with it a host of positive improvements to the user experience for UK Associates, including;

  • No restrictions on Web Browser for all payroll features - Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. are all compatible.
  • Improved user interface with summative dashboard of financial information
  • A shift to a Friday pay date resulting in slightly quicker payment turnaround

We are currently working very closely with ADP to ensure the most seamless transition possible, with a launch provisionally planned for October 2022

To preview some of the planned changes, and negate the accessibility issues we know some of you have been facing, you can now access
https://my.adp.com using any web browser of choice with immediate effect.

Here you will find a “lite” view only version of our future GlobalView user interface where you will be able to access your latest
eP60s (including the 21/22 eP60 for those who had earnings in the last tax year) as well Payslips, and eP45s and new Associates, who have not already registered on ADP Freedom, will also be able to register via this new link.  

For full guidance on using
https://my.adp.com please see the ADP freedom Employee Pay View guide available via Associate gateway - General guidance and administration.

Until we transition over to ADP GlobalView you will still need to use the existing
https://myfreedom.adp.com/ platform to enter, and update, bank details (you can also continue to use this for all other features listed above if you would prefer) but this will still need to be accessed using Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer Compatibility mode (which requires Internet Explorer to be installed in the background).  

For those still having issues adding or updating their bank details, we are temporarily offering the use of a secure Bank Details Webform, which can be accessed upon request by contacting the
Pearson Support Portal.

We will keep you posted on how the project is progressing, and we will be in touch with any actions we might need you to take closer to the launch to ensure a seamless transition.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Associate Helpdesk at
Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Ludlow
Operations Manager
Associate Payroll and Pensions
The noreply@pearsonassociate.pearson.com address is not monitored, if you need to contact Pearson please follow the specific contact information that has been provided above. 

Associate Communications

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