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Reporting Updates - May 26, 2022

AASA Reports - Available Now

The AASA Grades 4-8 results (District Student Data Files (.txt), District and School Summary Reports (PDF), and Individual Student Reports (PDF) are now available in PearsonAccessnext (PAN). 

AASA On Demand Reporting is also now live in PAN and can be accessed at Reports > OnDemand Reports. In On Demand Reporting, there are additional sort and filter options, including the ability to filter by testing groups if the testing groups were set up by April 29, the end of the test window. In addition, the filtered rosters can be downloaded as a PDF, Excel, or CSV file.

AASA published data, including On Demand Reporting, can be accessed only by the following PAN user roles: AASA District Test Coordinator, AASA School Test Coordinator, AASA District Report Only, and AASA School Report Only.

The AASA Reporting Guide and AASA Parent Portal Access Guide have also been published. These documents are located in PAN under Support > Documentation as well as on the Achievement District Test Coordinator webpage, under the "Reporting" dropdown.

We are working with Pearson to provide an AASA State Summary by Grade and Subject report with percent passing for the state. Once available, this summary report will be published in PAN.

Paper copies of AASA reports will be delivered to districts and charters June 15, 2022.

AASA test records that require corrections are now appearing in the Corrections Application in ADEConnect. To review and update the test record demographics in the Corrections Application, you must have the "Achievement District Test Coordinator" role in ADEConnect. AASA corrections must be completed by June 30, 2022.

ACT Aspire Reports - Available Now

ACT Aspire reports have now been published in PearsonAccessnext (PAN). More information about the reports available can be found under Step 7: Interpretation on the ACT-hosted Aspire webpage. 

Paper copies of the ACT Aspire reports will be delivered to districts and charters June 1, 2022.

Reporting Reminders
  • Two paper copies of Individual Student Reports will be delivered to districts and charters. When received, one copy is to be placed in the student's cumulative file and the second copy is to be distributed to parents/guardians.
  • Scores are not embargoed. However, it is important to remember that individual student scores can only be shared with those who have an educational need to view them and with parents/guardians.
Please check now that all students who took AASA or ACT Aspire have received a score report. Please do not wait until paper copies are received to check these records. Any missing reports or other issues must be reported to ADE no later than July 1, 2022.

ACT Reports

Most students and schools should have now received paper copies of ACT individual student reports, which are available 5-8 weeks following ACT's receipt of examinee test responses. School and district data files will be available in PearsonAccessnext (PAN) and at no later than June 23, 2022. More information about ACT reporting can be found under Step 7: Interpretation on the ACT-hosted website.

AzSCI Reports - Coming in August

AzSCI reports will be published in PearsonAccessnext (PAN) in August 2022. AzSCI reports are delayed due to the AzSCI Standard Setting that will take place this summer.
  • Electronic access to AzSCI reports: August 3, 2022
  • Paper copies of AzSCI reports: August 16, 2022
Reporting Infographic

Reminder: ADE has published an Achievement Assessments Reporting infographic, with reporting dates and information all in one place!
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