Your Uncommon guest curator: Kyle Hagge
Kyle Hagge is currently the Lead Community Manager at Morning Brew, working on the Education team & building products designed to accelerate the careers of ambitious professionals. He previously worked at Marquette University, the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee, Ballot Ready, and College Possible. Find him right here on Twitter.
It's been another month full of compelling and constructive community content. We're continuing our newsletter guest curatorship and this month we're jazzed to highlight the content that caught Kyle Hagge's eye, the gent introduced just a few lines above. If you don't know him, please do. If you don't know the work of his team at Morning Brew, please do. And if you haven't tried Common Room yet to help you activate and engage your community, please do. Now without further ado, let's do this.

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Why Kyle chose it: "I liked its focus on engagement." (And engagement is clutch.) 
General Manager, Education @Morning Brew

Post: Feedback

Why Kyle chose it: "Giving, receiving, and sitting with feedback is so important to community and life."
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