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Did you know that our website has lots of great information for families? We always post any family communication and our recent blog posts so that they are accessible at any time. Check out the most recent posts from our “Cook’s Corner” and “Types of Play” series and visit often for up-to-date information!

Cook’s Corner: Planning our Seasonal Menus
Types of Play: Risk Play

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Introducing our Program Excellence Team
Umbrella Family has recently developed the Program Excellence department to support the overall quality of all UFCC programs and locations, as well as supporting our organization’s commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Our Program Excellence Team (PE) will support supervisors and staff in all program locations to ensure everyone is knowledgeable and confident with our Ministry of Education requirements, and to deliver high quality play-based learning experiences to children that are inviting, engaging, and appropriate for their development. Our PE team, specifically our EDI Specialist, is beginning to focus on our commitment to EDI in alignment with the EDI initiative of the City of Hamilton. We are introducing a selection of books to support the celebration of Pride. Read more about our EDI at Umbrella here.
Meet The Team
Summertime Reading
This summer, take some time to enjoy reading with your children! Reading is incredibly important for brain development, and promotes the development of children’s speech and language, their social and emotional development as well enhances their imagination. In addition to the educational benefits of reading, it also provides opportunities to engage with your children, enjoying the time spent reading and learning with them. Maybe even read a story in the sun or under the shade of a tree!
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Summer Activities for Families and Kids in Hamilton
Enjoy some fun for the whole family this summer...

Explore various wild life experiences happening this summer.

Explore upcoming screenings.

At Aquarius Theatre | June 11
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