Your Uncommon guest curator: Erica Young
Erica is a life-long student of networks and the founder of The Reliants Project, where she helps people and organisations understand how community impacts our wellbeing, relationships, and society. Want to better understand the shape of your community? Check out her article, "It's not only who you know, it's who they know".
We won't pretend like this month has been a walk in the park for folks, but we will say that the connections we've made or have helped others make through community have certainly been a bright spot. Thanks to each of you for being here, and to our guest curator Erica Young for highlighting such insightful community content. And if you're looking for an intelligent platform to help your community thrive across all the channels they engage on, check out the Common Room demo or come say hello to 1000+ community leaders in our Uncommon Slack.

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Why Erica chose it: "I'm a huge fan of their work and how they support people to reach their potential through building community."
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Why Erica chose it: "I'm excited about his focus on relational wealth and elevating community to help solve some of the biggest challenges we face as a society."
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We hosted a live author Q&A with Laís de Oliveira, longtime community strategist and author of Hacking Communities. If you missed the live version, we got you covered.
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Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read. Erica's recos:

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Tuneage: What's on repeat for Erica recently? An incredibly moving song inspired by her trip to Scotland, Wild Geese by Sally Simpson and Catriona Hawksworth. Now featured on our community-sourced playlist, Uncommon Tuneage, which you can and should add to.

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