06 July 2022
Associate Number: 999999
Payment Information for Summer
Dear Associate,

We are contacting you as an Associate contracted on our GCSE, International GCSE, AS/A Level, or International AS/A Level qualifications with an update about payments.

As a result of feedback received in previous series, we are contacting you to provide you with all the information you need regarding Associate payments and to detail the timeframe in which you will receive payment for the amazing work completed so far, but also, the work you are still undertaking.

We have produced the Summer 2022 Payments Breakdown Document which provides a comprehensive list of payment dates for Associate activities so that you know what is due to be paid and when. Your contract(s) will detail the amounts due to you, but this document provides the actual date on which payments will arrive; these will be the latest date on which payments can be expected but some payments might be processed earlier.

We are working hard to meet the dates listed within this document, and where we are unable to, we will communicate with those affected directly detailing any reason for the delay and the new expected payment date. Delaying payments to Associates will only be done where necessary and we will do everything possible to mitigate this from happening. The document will be updated at regular intervals to reflect any changes communicated to you. Clicking the link to the document below will download a copy directly to your system.
Summer 2022 Payments Breakdown Document
Please note that this document does not replace any information within the Associate travel, expenses, and fees guidelines but aims to provide you with the most up to date information and actual payment dates. 

If you have accepted a contract to be an Exceptions Script Marker for a paper which is usually completed in ePEN, please refer to the section with information about Exceptions on the row with your paper(s). 

Most of you will be familiar with the type of activities which are payable to you and listed in your contract(s) but in the interest of clarity and transparency we have provided a breakdown of these activities below with some further information about them. Please note that this information is general and specific dates for your contract(s) can be found in the document above. We have a broad range of Associates undertaking many different roles, so some of these activities and contractual agreements will not be relevant to everyone so please ensure you are checking your contract(s) to confirm what is relevant to you.
Payments for Training Information
Payments for Marking Information
Payments for Supervision and Responsibility Fees Information
As detailed in the information and links above, there have been some instances of payments for certain types of training being delayed, as well as conflicting information within some contracts regarding when payments for OLS are due. We would like to sincerely apologise if you have been affected by either of these issues and would like to reassure you we have taken appropriate actions to ensure this doesn't happen again. 

If for any reason a payment has not been processed and does not arrive in your account by the date specified in the document and a reason for this has not been communicated to you, please contact the Associate Helpdesk team via the Pearson Support Portal providing as much information as possible and they will endeavour to provide you with an update as soon as possible. 

Yours sincerely, 
Jon Ludlow
Operations Manager
Associate Payroll and Pensions 
William Landymore
Contact Strategy and Implementation Lead
Associate Management
The noreply@pearsonassociate.pearson.com address is not monitored, if you need to contact Pearson please follow the specific contact information that has been provided above. 

Associate Communications

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