Your Uncommon guest curator: Tina Amper
Tina’s a community builder and consultant. After working in tech, she built a community from scratch that later grew into a non-profit organization promoting tech, startups, and design. She launched a national community of volunteers and organized five international tech conferences. She enjoys helping companies build and grow thriving communities to boost their business, expand their brand, and amplify their advocates.
Whichever hemisphere you're in, we hope your month has felt sunny. A big thanks to Tina Amper for being this newsletter's community curator, and to all the DevRel community members who took the Developer Relations Compensation Survey. Their 140+ shared experiences enabled us to publish the first ever Developer Relations Compensation Report, so everyone in the DevRel community can walk into their next salary conversation with more confidence. 

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Your Uncommon community team
Uncommon insights from community leaders 
Vice President, Community, at Venafi

Why Tina chose it: "Holly Firestone takes you through a thorough and practical overview of enterprise communities—from basic foundations to valuable tips on how to make communities thrive."
Director of Community at HubSpot

Why Tina chose it: "When every move we make has to have ROI, Evan writes about how to measure community value for members."
📝 Read the 2022 DevRel Compensation Report
With more than 140 respondents to our Developer Relations Compensation Survey between June and July, we're excited to freely share back the results with the community in the first ever Developer Relations Compensation Report. We hope these findings set the foundation for more informed compensation conversations for every community builder in the DevRel profession. 
Read the report
Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read. Tina's picks:

  • Light: How do you handle "turning off" when your community is always on? A 4-minute podcast episode, "We're not that important," from Erica Kuhl and Brian Oblinger. 
  • Medium: This classic educational thread from Richard Millington at FeverBee, "What happens when you shut down your community?"  
  • Deep: A serious and important discussion about moderation—this 20-minute Twitter Spaces about moderating abortion topics, and how it impacts our communities and ourselves.
News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
  • Latest releases: Automated workflows to build relationships at scale, impact points to nurture members, and reactions in Slack and Discord. Check out all our new features
  • A CxO's Guide to community authored by Richard Millington: Need to connect with stakeholders? Richard Millington covers the business value of B2B community building for execs in this blog post.
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