Happy gatherings: Getting the community together 
August, as a word, means illustrious, esteemed, honorable, and celebrated. So it's fitting that it leads into such an event-filled month, where communities are getting together again after a season of away-ness. We'll be at quite a few events across the next month, so whether you're online or in-person in Boston, the Bay Area, or Raleigh, we hope to host you. 

With great affection, 
Your Uncommon community team
🗓️ Upcoming online events
Meet a peer: 1:1 community leader meetups

Get matched with a community peer and meet up for a casual 30-minute chat about strategies, goals, and general connection.
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This Friday: 10 lessons from 1 year as a community manager

Community and customer support lead at SuperHi, Max Pete, shares key lessons he learned from his first year as a leader. 
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🎉 Upcoming in-person meetups
Toast with community in Boston

Heading to Boston for HubSpot's Inbound conference? Know community in Cambridge? Join the Uncommon community at Lolita on the Fort Point Channel on Thurs, Sept 8. 
Grab a slice in Redwood City

In the Bay Area? Joining the community at CMX Thrive? Tip a glass and grab a slice with community leaders at Vesta in Redwood City on Weds, Sept 14. 
Uncommon insights from community leaders 
Founder of FeverBee

The Beginner's Guide to Community Management offers 17 consumable modules about the day-to-day responsibilities, tasks, and tools that define community management.
Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
🎧 JR;SL: Just Right; Should Listen:

News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
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  • Devocate joins the family: Tessa Kriesel explains why she entrusted the Devocate community to Common Room in this blog post.
  • The GreetBot alternative: Use automated workflows to welcome new members, check in, send surveys, and more. Imagine GreetBot after it went to the gym for three years ;)
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Surprise! Click Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog's back with a mystery link that gives you a quick glimpse into what Roomies have been talking about lately. Evan Hamilton's right about this one.
Picture of a Jeff Koons balloon dog.
Tuneage: Went to an LCD Soundsystem show and still listening to the full This Is Happening album a week later. Start your day with Dance Yrself Clean.

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