Your Uncommon guest curator: Scott Baldwin
I’m the Community Lead & Product Evangelist at Productboard. By day you’ll find me in lots of other communities (120+) talking about Productboard, everything product management, running our Product Makers community, as well as consuming everything I can learn about the community space while sharing my learnings thus far. I come from a 20+ year career in Product and UX, so Community is still relatively new to me, but if you want to hear my thoughts on why I think it’s important, you can check out my talk from our Product Makers Summit this Spring called Why You Need a Product Community (And Why You Need to Be Part of One Like Ours).
It's hard to imagine Scott needs any introduction, but something new we learned while putting this newsletter together is that he also makes music. You can listen to his album right here. Couldn't let that go unsaid! Beyond his expert curation for this edition, the amount of great content emanating from conferences and events this past month overfloweth the community cup. The future is bright for community, and we're honored to build it alongside you.

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Anna, Copywriter and brand builder

Why Scott chose it: "It's a nice reminder that not everyone needs to be actively engaged in a community and that we all have different ways to measure “engagement", given engagement is a hot topic and a challenging signal of community success or failure."
Community consultant and strategist

Why Scott chose it: "Events have been a huge driver of engagement and value in our community and we’re starting to explore ways for some of our community members to extend that and make connections in-person, so I appreciated some of the tips and ideas shared here."
5️⃣ Worth it: A 5-part series on connections at scale
A standout for Scott: "Hugh Lashbrooke shared his five principles of creating community connections at scale. I keep coming back to the idea of being mindful of each of these things in our community while also recognizing where the absence of one or more are impacting its ability to work well. For example, we have a clear code of conduct and messaging around DE&I in our community and we've outlined how our team will deal with community issues. We recently re-did our onboarding, and we do social learning together via our weekly events and monthly roundtable discussions, but I can likely continue to improve how we document and communicate what it means to be in our community."
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Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
JR;SR: Just Right; Should Read. Scott's picks:

  • Light: As someone with a forum using a white background colour, this tweet from Evan Hamilton got me thinking.
  • Medium: I loved the ideas in this piece around rituals and the value of having them in your community. There’s something satisfying for some folks in having a pattern they can predictably follow and count on week to week. 
  • Deep: Richard Millington has a ton of great content, but this piece on community-driven impact is fantastic, and perhaps the antidote to the ongoing talk about engagement and the importance of shifting to outcomes over outputs.
News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
  • Latest releases: We're all about connecting with your community where they already love to be. That's why we built new native integrations with Reddit and Skilljar. Check out all our new features
  • Advice from Jono Bacon: Best practices for building a thriving open source community, with the special flair only Jono can bring. 
  • Talking community metrics with your CxO: Our free guide highlights the stats your CxO and business leaders want to know. A good one to keep in your pocket for your next conversation about the importance of community to the business.
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Tuneage: True to the audiophile he is, Scott gifted us with two great tracks: Afterglow by Bob Moses and Kasablanca, and Buck by Kaelin Ellis. Find all kinds of tunes on our community-sourced playlist, Uncommon Tuneage, which you can and should add to.

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