As we approach the end of the first quarter of the 2022-2023 school years, with this larger student body, the students have had the opportunity to be proactively involved in planning events and solving challenges as they formed the first Student Council. Like other experiences, this is student-driven and faculty supported. As part of our mission to empower our students, our program allows students to initiate projects, solve problems, and really have the opportunity to be leaders in their community. It is our belief that through these opportunities, the students will develop skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives and extend beyond their school years. 

-Dr. Robin
What happened this month at Bridgemont...
Making friends in Oaxaca

In Spanish class, Ms. Rachel organized a zoom 'pen pal' call with the students of Paz Montessori in Oaxaca, Mexico, and each participant practiced introductions in both Spanish and English (Paz students are practicing their English). We discussed hobbies and favorite superheroes. Students will continue to meet regularly throughout the year and share culture and language.
Creating a country and constitution

In History class, Ms. Rocio had students had to create a country from scratch. They formed a government and wrote their own constitution explaining the ideals their society was based on. One of the groups came up with a skit for their presentation and gave an outstanding performance. Their classmates gave the equivalent of a standing ovation through the chat room feedback. Everyone was all smiles!
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