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November 2022
Part II

Editor's Note

Dear Readers,

November has kept us on our toes! As promised, here's Part II of this month's newsletter. Our new Congregational Salary Program launches today, along with Open Enrollment for the UUA Health and Dental/Vision Plans.

But that's not all! We're also excited to bring you resource that's been quite a while in the making. If you are involved in staff onboarding or supervision, be sure to check out our Guide to Setting Terms of Employment.

In this season of gratitude, we thank you for all of the ways you support your congregations and for following the adventures of the Office of Church Staff Finances. 

Jan Gartner, Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager
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Guide to Setting Terms of Employment

We're frequently asked if we have an employment agreement template or sample letter of hire for non-ministerial staff. Because of state-level employment law differences and the care needed to avoid inadvertently creating a "contract," these are complicated and potentially risky for us to provide. (Ministers are treated differently under the law, which is why we are able to supply employment agreements for ministerial positions.)

Instead, we've created a resource that we think will serve you even better. Our Guide to Setting Terms of Employment is available to download from Google Docs as a "beta version." Please make use of it and send feedback to comp@uua.org. Fine-tuning will happen based on your input. We hope it eases the work of onboarding and supervising new staff.
New! Guide to Setting Terms of Employment

Open Enrollment for 2023: It's Open!

From the UUA Insurance Team: William Lester, Insurance Plans Director, and Ashley Anguiano, Insurance Plans Specialist 

If your congregation participates in the UUA Health and/or Dental/Vision Plans, please inform your staff that Open Enrollment for 2023 has begun and will run through December 15. All eligible staff (those scheduled to work 750 or more hours/year) can sign up for these benefits during Open Enrollment, whether or not they participated in 2022.

Note to current participants: You do not need to re-enroll in either Health or Dental/Vision unless you are making changes to your coverage.

Health Plan
Deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums will remain the same for 2023.
Dental/Vision Plan
Dental/Vision Plan rates and benefits remain the same for 2023.

New for 2023: In the past, eye exams were covered by the Health Plan while eyewear fell under the Vision Plan. Starting in 2023, for your convenience, both routine eye exams and eyewear claims should be submitted to the Vision Plan.
Health Plan Enrollment Page
Dental/Vision Info & Enrollment

New Congregational Salary Program

You've been learning about our revised Congregational Salary Program all year the emphasis on process and values, the size profiles, the shift from job titles to job levels, and more. The time has come! Our new program materials are now available on this Congregational Salary Program page.

Separate Landing Page for Recommended Salary Ranges 
Because we've significantly revised our methodology, we want to make sure you have appropriate context before landing on the Recommended Salary Ranges themselves. We're asking people to first review these two resources:
In the Recommended Salary Ranges section of the new program page, you'll find a brief form. By indicating that you've reviewed the two resources above (links are in the form, too), and logging in/registering on UUA.org, you'll be given access to the '23-'24 Recommended Salary Ranges. Completing the form not only assures us that you’ve learned about the basics of the new approach but also allows us to contact you in order to provide updates and/or request feedback.  

Quick Reminders
  • Process is primary!
  • No need for dramatic adjustments 
2022-2023 Info Remains Available
Everything on the former Salary Recommendations for Congregational Staff page, including '22-'23 salary tables and related resources, can still be accessed. You'll find the link in the top section of the new program page.
Learn about the New Congregational Salary Program
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