The penultimate.
It's the end of the second to final month of 2022 you say? Balderdash!

Alas, tis true. And tis the season to give thanks to each of you building, supporting, engaging, teaching, and sharing with your communities, including this one, both as leaders and as members. Next month, we'll do some celebratin'. This month, we'll do some elevatin'. But first, some thankin'. Thank you, and you and you and you and...alls of yous for doing all you do, every day.

With great affection, 
Your Uncommon community team
DevRel livestream: Happening (nearly) now
We're live-streaming from AWS re:Invent! 

Starting at 11:15 am PDT on Thursday December 1, we'll be live-streaming our DevRel and the Business Impact of Community Building panel discussion with Chief Evangelist at AWS Jeff Barr, VP of DevRel at Aiven Ian Massingham, and Sr. DevRel Events Manager at Tailscale Katie Reese. Join us on YouTube to follow the convo in real time. 
Join the livestream at 11:15
360: The Community-Led Growth Report
Earlier this month we published our first Community-Led Growth Report. The report offers community builders benchmarks, insights, and ideas based on findings from 141 communities and the 7.5+ million members across them. Read the tweet highlights or access the full report for free.
Access the free report
Uncommon insights from community leaders: (New)sletter spotlight 
There are so many great community builders among us. Some of them are also community authors sharing their expertise through new personal mediums: Newsletters. A quick selection of some digital goods, new and tenured:

📬 Max's Community Newsletter: Brought to your inbox by the effervescent Max Pete, his newsletter dives into both the professional and personal angles of what it means to be a community manager.
📬 Tribecrafters: Both a newsletter and a community hosted by James Bohrman, Tribecrafters aims to explore industry trends, its growth, and its future.
📬 Led by Community: Penned by Francisco Opazo, Led by Community highlights "best of" articles, events, and provocative ideas every week. 
📬 The Slack Community Manager's Newsletter: Written with both wit and candor, Kourosh Ghaffari probes deep into the meaning and mechanisms of community management.
📬 Uncommunity: Mohammed Rafy's been collecting and sharing community ideas, learnings, and reflections through Uncommunity for more than two years.

And Rosie. While it's likely you already know about Rosieland and its associated newsletter, forum, and more, it's a gem worthy of highlighting every time.
Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
  • Latest releases: Dark mode! Mobile friendly UI! Click-through reporting modules! Check out all our new features
  • How-to vids: From merging profiles to sending bulk messages, choose a couple how-tos from our collection of 101 videos that show you how to use Common Room like a pro.
  • Like a G2: For the general community of software reviewers and sharers out there, Common Room has a G2 profile now. 
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We built Common Room to give you the platform to create even healthier, more engaged, more supported, and more connected communities. You can get started with Common Room rinow.
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Surprise! Click Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog's back with a mystery link that gives you a quick glimpse into what Roomies have been talking about lately. If you've got Disney+ and 3 minutes for something imaginative and adorable, this one's for you.
Picture of a Jeff Koons balloon dog.
Tuneage: Got Bamboo by Elder Island in the ear. Find all kinds of tunes on our community-sourced playlist, Uncommon Tuneage, which you can and should add to.

Feedback? If you have ideas about what you'd love to see here, let us know. We consider it a gift.
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