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17 January 2023
Dear Head of Centre,

We hope that this communication finds you well. We appreciate that you have been working hard to support your learners and want to thank you for your ongoing support and assistance throughout recent months.

We would like to remind you of our Functional Skills test inspections programme. These visits ensure that our quality assurance (QA) process for Functional Skills is robust and effective in protecting the integrity of our qualifications. Due to restrictions as a result of the COVID pandemic we were unable to carry out these visits but now COVID restrictions have been lifted in England we would like to recommence them again.

We are certain that you will share our continued commitment to ensure that Pearson Functional Skills qualifications are delivered with integrity. We view all of our centres as trusted partners in qualification delivery and we are confident of your ongoing support in our QA model, as outlined below.
Overview of process

Confirmation visits will recommence this year from February 2023. These visits will be announced and a Pearson representative will be in touch with you in advance of the visit to agree on a suitable date if your centre is selected for a visit.

The purpose of the visit is to discuss and review the arrangements made for the security of confidential examination material (including the storage of Paper Based tests where applicable for your centre) and for the conduct of tests. Our aim is to ensure the quality and integrity of testing, and to give you and your learners added confidence in the way these tests are conducted.

Testing requirements for Pearson Functional Skills can be found on
our website.

Any concerns identified during these visits may be referred to the Pearson Centre Quality Manager (CQM) for review and action if required.

We are conscious that centres have adopted varied health and safety policies for the receipt of visitors in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I would like to assure you we are monitoring official advice, and that our inspectors have been given appropriate guidance on Covid-19 best practice. This will include wearing a face mask for the duration of the visit if required by the centre, hand sanitising before a visit, and following health and safety guidance provided by each centre.
What you need to do

You may receive a call from one of our Pearson representatives if you are selected for a visit to agree on a date for the visit. Following this the representative will arrive at your approved centre address. If any tests are in progress during the visit the representative will observe them. If no tests are in progress at the time of the visit the representative will require to meet with your centre staff responsible for the delivery of Functional Skills tests to understand your test processes.

The representative will bring a Pearson ID letter and suitable identification with them to help you verify their identity. We ask that they are accommodated and provided with the information they require during the visit. You will receive feedback from us following the visit within 10 working days.

Please remember, all Pearson Functional Skills tests are to be conducted in line with the
Pearson Functional Skills Instructions for Conducting Examinations (ICE).

We appreciate your continued cooperation with these additional quality measures to ensure the integrity of our qualifications. If you have any questions about the above, please contact

Yours sincerely,

Nicola Riley
Test Inspections Manager
Pearson Qualification Processing

Pearson Customer Services

The Lighthouse, Manchester, M50 3BF