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Every day y'all are building for and with your communities. We celebrate that about you. We also want to acknowledge that every day y'all are building with and for each other. Whether it's community leaders looking for new roles and whole sites launched to help hire them (huge gratitude to Max Pete and Lizzie LaCour) or answering each others' questions in Slack before our own teams get to them (we see you). It's the epitome of community doing what it does best, and we're super glad to be a part of it as we step into 2023.

In the spirit of achieving more together, we're also really excited to officially announce our partnership with Hoopy so we can continue to support DevRel communities everywhere.

With great affection, 
Your Uncommon community team
Webinar with HubSpot: Community best practices 
Our webinar moved to February 9th so if you thought you missed didn't! Hear how DevRel leaders SJ Morris and Chris Riley use Common Room to communicate team impact, manage community members, and identify growth areas in their community strategy—live Q&A included.
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Uncommon insights from community leaders
Community author

Before the holidays swept all of us off our feet, long-time community leader Adrian Speyer sat down with us to dive into themes from his book, The Accidental Community Manager. Read + watch the full author Q&A
Head of DevRel, Infobip

What's in store for DevRel in 2023? Professionals from across the industry roundtabled together to discuss - including Julia Biro, Head of DevRel at Infobip and 1/2 of the Developer 🥑 newsletter brilliance. 
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Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
  • Latest releases: Native Salesforce and HubSpot integrations! Medium as a source! Reporting by geography! Check out all our new features
  • How-to vids: From merging profiles to sending bulk messages, choose a couple how-tos from our collection of 101 videos that show you how to use Common Room like a pro.
  • Common Room + Hoopy: We've long admired the work Hoopy does to empower DevRel leaders around the globe, so we're jazzed to announce our official partnership
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Surprise! Click Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog's back with a mystery link that gives you a quick glimpse into what Roomies have been talking about lately. When we're not talking about community, we're probably debating about the best Trader Joe's snacks.
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Tuneage: Currently on repeat is Water Flow by Klyne. Find all kinds of tunes on our community-sourced playlist, Uncommon Tuneage, which you can and should add to.

Feedback? If you have ideas about what you'd love to see here, let us know. We consider it a gift.
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