Not all heroes wear capes
The landscape of community management changed over the last 6 months and we see you out there trying to do more with less or pivot your programs completely as you slide under new direction or lose members of your teams. 

We just wanted to tell you that we see you, continuing to provide value & foster meaningful spaces for your communities and wanted to dedicate the start of this email to you. We encourage you to take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back. We got this. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for being you.

With great affection, 
Your Uncommon community team
Community Event: Finding action through data 
Speaking of doing more with less - let's talk about how to figure out what the best things to do are. 
We're often tasked with finding meaningful ways to scale our programs, but a lot of us aren't experts in data. 

Join newest Roomie Trevor Spires and Nikki Thibodeau as they talk about finding your data and then figuring out what to do with it when you do.
Register here!
Uncommon insights from community leaders
Community Manager, Squarespace

If you're asking "How can I increase engagement in my community" then this is a really great little read from Sarah Greisdorf, Community Manager at Squarespace: Your Community Is Healthier Than You Think
Community Manager & Consultant

Noele's newsletter this week asks the question "Should we expect community members to read stuff?" Which is a really great framing of how we need to be thinking about content in our community.
JR;SR: Just right; Should read
Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
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Balloon Dog's back with a mystery link that gives you a quick glimpse into what Roomies have been talking about lately. When we're not talking about community, it's possible we're celebrating the release date for a reality TV show 👀
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Tuneage: A surprising share this month is maybe Make your own kind of music from the one and only Mama Cass. Find all kinds of tunes on our community-sourced playlist, Uncommon Tuneage, which you can and should add to.

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