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Dear Colleague,

I’m getting in touch to share some updates and improvements to our BTEC Tech Awards (2022). After listening carefully and reviewing your feedback, we are making changes that will give you more time to prepare and deliver Pearson Set-Assignments. We’re also offering extensions, should you need them, for completing our current Pearson Set Assignments for May/June.
Extensions available for May/June series internal assessments

We have heard from teachers that the May/June window for completing internal assessments has been challenging due to a number of factors. If your learners are experiencing a loss of assessment time you can now request an extension using our support portal

If you have learners taking a Pearson Set Assignment for the May/June series, you must make entries. We’ll only be able to grant an extension if you have made entries for your learners.

Further guidance on making entries, withdrawing entries and other key processes for new Tech Awards can be found in our Tech Awards Support Index.  
Earlier release of Pearson Set Assignments from September 2023

Following your feedback, we will be releasing all Pearson Set Assignments one month earlier within each series. This will give you more time to spend preparing for and administering the assessments. From September onwards, the Pearson Set Assignments will be released as follows: 
(This change does not affect Performing Arts and Art & Design Practise.)

Further Support

You can find further support for BTEC Tech Awards (2022) on our Tech Awards Support Index. If you have any questions, or need further support, you can contact us through the Pearson Support Portal
Kind Regards,

The Pearson BTEC Tech Awards team

Pearson Customer Services

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