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One of the most enjoyable (and sometimes frustrating) aspects of community management is that we deal with humans. Humans are diverse - from their interests, experiences and more - there is a lot that makes up a human. One thing I think a lot about are how people participate differently in spaces. How neurodiversity plays a part, and how we can make experiences better for our members by considering those neurodiversities. 

March had a Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and I thought I would share this article! An Introduction to Neurodiversity and Online Barriers

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How to Conduct User Interviews and Present Data, with guest speaker from Splunk!
We're excited to have Danika Patrick from Splunk coming to teach us How to Conduct User Interviews and Present Data.

During this event, you will learn:
- Identify when user interviews can advance your project
- How to conduct them effectively
- How to analyze and present the data gathered

Danika will also discuss common pitfalls to avoid and share examples of successful user interviews and data presentations.
Register here!
Uncommon insights from community leaders
Podcast Host, The Community-Led Growth Show

Joel shares some real talk and actionable steps for folks looking for a new job. Find out what has and hasn't worked for him in this LinkedIn post
Head of Community, Hivebrite

Morgan's blog post explores the concept of generosity and how it can benefit both individuals and communities. It is worth reading for anyone interested in personal growth and community development.
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Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
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