Logical Buildings, 3E Nano and Carbonaide raise funds

Logical Buildings, a leading provider of decarbonization technology and ESG solutions for the built world, announced it has closed a $110M virtual power plant (VPP) project facility with Keyframe Capital.
  • Details: The unique funding model underlying the initiative - to be repaid via energy savings and grid revenue, will enable VPP project creation across New York City- and New Jersey-based multifamily residential buildings. Read more
3E Nano, a technology start-up poised to disrupt the window market, announced it secured a US$4 million Series Seed funding round.
  • The big picture: Aiming to disrupt the window market by quadrupling the insulating effectiveness of windows, 3E Nano's intends on incorporating its coated polymers into residential and commercial building windows, among other architectural applications, to advance the decarbonization of the built environment. Read more
Concrete is ubiquitous. A mainstay of the construction industry, over 10 billion cubic meters of concrete is used every year.
  • The intrigue: Carbonaide's €1.8 million capital infusion will purportedly not just help the company accelerate efforts to reduce carbon emissions of construction materials, such as concrete, but moreover, it will enable these materials to trap CO2 throughout their lifetime. Read more
Implications of IPCC report; Link Logistics Named ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year; & untapped solar potential of big box stores
The report from the IPCC is a ‘final reminder’ that the global community urgently needs to mobilise and scale available solutions to deliver a decarbonised, sustainable and resilient future for all global citizens.
  • Why this matters: It's well-documented that the built environment accounts for ~37% of global carbon emissions and over 1/3 of energy demand, not to mention other adverse environmental consequences. With this outsized impact, the report calls for leaders and policymakers to recognise the built environment as a key agent of change, and that demand side measures can reduce building sector emissions by up to 66% by 2050 compared to baseline scenarios. Read more
Link Logistics, a leading national last-mile logistics real estate company designed to meet the needs of the modern supply chain, announced that it has received the 2023 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • The rundown: This accolade is not in isolation for Link Logistics, now marking the second consecutive year it has received this recognition. Link holds 53 ENERGY STAR-certified properties, representing 10.1 million square feet and is the largest owner of industrial ENERGY STAR-certified properties in the U.S. Additionally, Link accounts for over one third of all ENERGY STAR-certified square footage across the distribution center, non-refrigerated warehouse and refrigerated warehouse asset classes. Read more
For Prologis Inc., the global industrial REIT, space for storing goods is a key asset. But the huge, flat roofs atop the company’s warehouses are another significant asset, argues Chief Energy and Sustainability Officer Susan Uthayakumar.
  • What's next: Despite off-site renewable investing dominating at present, Prologis and Home Depot are ramping up their on-site rooftop solar capacities - a largely untapped, vast resource with huge potential. Read more

Onwards and Upwards Decarbonizing the Built World

Shana Schlossberg, CEO of Upward Labs discusses what drives her as a serial entrepreneur across industries, walks us through the launch of the Net Zero Lab, how startups can get involved, as well as unpacking some of the most illuminating startups emerging to tackle the real estate industry’s outsized emissions.
CREtech Announce Second Annual CREtech Climate Global Leadership Summit to Take Place in Stockholm on October 23-25
CREtech has announced its CREtech Climate Global Leadership Summit will take place in Stockholm on October 23-25, 2023, to address the most urgent global climate issues impacting the real estate sector. Attendance will be extremely limited and anyone interested in attending is encouraged to register their interest here to be the first to know when registration opens. Read more
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