Contacting Pearson
Dear Associate,

We understand that there may be times you need to contact us, this communication will provide all the information you need to know about how to do that.
The Pearson Support Portal should be used as the single contact point to raise any queries you might have as an Associate. The Pearson Support Portal is available via by clicking on the blue "contact us" button near the top of the page. From there, you will need to complete a quick form. We ask Associates to contact us via this method as it allows us to track all queries and identify problems and trends which results in us being able to provide better support. 

The page also holds helpful information about your role, links to systems, as well as updates. You might find what you need on this page without the need to contact us.  
We know a lot of the Associate community are also active within centres, so it is very important that the "Pearson Associate" option in the "What kind of customer are you?" field is selected when questions relate to Associate work. If you want to contact Pearson for a different reason e.g. you have a query about delivering a specification in your centre, you should update this field with a different option appropriate to your role within your centre. 

Please ensure you add your Assessment Associate Number in the next field or use 123456 if you do not have a number yet. 

When completing the "Issue Type", "Category Type" and "Subcategory Type" fields, please use a best fit approach; do not worry if you cannot find an exact match. As long as “Complaint” or “Feedback”  are not selected, you will always be offered the opportunity to select phone or live chat in addition to the email option when submitting your query.   

The quantity of information you provide in the "Describe the issue you're experiencing" field will depend on how you want to contact us. If you are going to call or use the live chat option, you should only provide a very short summary of your query. After raising the query, you will speak to one of the team directly at which point you can provide further information. You only need to provide detailed information in this area if you are going to send us an email. If you do this, the team can work on your query without needing to ask further information from you. 

After you have completed this section of the form, click "Next" to move on, or to login using your Edexcel Gateway/Pearson Support Portal details if you are not already logged in. If you do not have a login already, you will have the option of creating one at this point. Once you are logged in and you have clicked "Next" you just need to check that your contact information is correct. Please be aware, if your email address here doesn't match the one you have provided in Edexcel Gateway, it may cause a delay in the resolution of your query. 

After you have checked your details and completed the "I'm not a robot" section, a "Next" button will appear on the right, after clicking this you will be presented with the contact options depending on the options you have selected.
If you need to speak to us urgently, we strongly recommend using the phone or live chat options that are available. The email option should only be selected where the query is non-urgent and a response within 1-2 days will not negatively impact you. 

The phone and live chat options are available for all “Issue Types” except for “Complaint” and “Feedback” as these are managed by a different team and have a 10 day resolution timeframe; these types of cases must be raised via the email option only. 

Please note that when selecting the phone option, you will be provided with a case number and a phone number which you must use to call and speak to one of the team. We will not be able to follow up on any cases where phone was selected but you did not call us. 
We do not want to discourage you from raising a complaint or providing feedback when it is needed, however you should only use these options when we haven't been able to provide the support you needed on a previous case, or you are raising concerns about a colleague. Cases raised using the Complaint or Feedback options will take longer to resolve, so if you have an urgent issue that needs our support instantly e.g. you need access to a system, please raise the case using a different option so the teams can support you within a more appropriate timeframe. 

You can provide feedback on a case at any time by replying to any email you received from us. If you want to provide feedback on the person that handled your case, you also have the option to complete a survey which is sent a few days after a case has been closed. We appreciate any feedback we are given, either positive or developmental. We use this information to improve the service we provide.
if the phone or live chat options are used, you will speak to a member of the Associate Helpdesk team. This is your dedicated customer service team, and they are there to support you for the majority of queries you might have.

Sometimes they will be unable to resolve your query in the first instance and will reach out to other teams for support. Where this happens they will keep you informed of what is happening, and provide updates from the supporting team. In other instances, your query will be assigned to a supporting team, if this happens, we will let you know who we are assigning the case to and when you can expect a response from the team.

If you send us an email, the response will normally come from the Associate Helpdesk team, however, but sometimes the case will automatically route to a supporting team based on the query.  
If your query cannot be solved during a call or live chat, or if you decided to use the email option, all email responses and follow ups from the Associate Helpdesk as well as other supporting teams, will come from Please ensure you have added this address as a safe sender. We do everything we can to ensure our emails land safely in your inboxes but sometimes our responses will go to your spam or junk folders so, if you are expecting a response from us on a case, or you have received a confirmation your case was closed, we recommend checking these areas as well for emails from this address. 

When replying to messages from Pearson on the above email address, it is important to not change the subject of the email as doing so may impact the email being received. 
You are able to raise an email query any time, any day and it will be picked up during normal Helpdesk operating hours. Phone and live chat options can be used anytime the Associate Helpdesk team are available. Normal operating times for the Associate Helpdesk team are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. We also run provide additional support during some examination/marking windows; you can find all details of our extended hours and weekend support on about half way down the page.
We are aware that a small number of Associates experience an error when using the portal, this sometimes occurs following a change of email address in Edexcel Gateway. If you are experiencing this issue, please review the guidance materials we have provided where you will also find an alternative way to contact the Associate Helpdesk team to let us know if you are experiencing technical issues. You will also be given the opportunity to raise any other questions you may have, which the team will work on at the same time as resolving the technical issues you are facing.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. Should you have any questions, please contact me and the Associate Helpdesk team via the Pearson Support Portal
Yours sincerely,

William Landymore
Contact Strategy and Implementation Lead
Associate Management
The address is not monitored, if you need to contact Pearson please follow the specific contact information that has been provided above. 

Associate Communications

80 Strand, London, WC2R 0RL