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April was a bit of a smorgasbord from what we hear around the industry. Some big wins as folks position themselves to tell great stories about their community wins across their business. Big launches of new communities (we see you Nicolette, Scott and Esther). Some deep losses when it comes to folks losing their jobs and honestly some exhaustion, as folks seem to be doing more with less. 

Remember that you need to take care of numero uno (pssst, that's you). Life in community is always a balance, but you can't pour from an empty cup. Please make sure that you're prioritizing you!

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The New Buyer's Journey: Grow Pipeline Through Real Intent and Context
On May 9th, the COOs of Vercel, Lavender, and Common Room (that’s us!) are sharing how they guide their teams in navigating today’s new buying motion to drive faster, more efficient outcomes for their customers and organizations.
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Uncommon insights from community leaders
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If you know Yurii, you know that he has a billion things on the go. One of those things is his Community Life Show - where he interviews community experts about their lives. Check out his latest with Jake McKee
Global Inclusive Communities Consultant

Chauntelle posted a vulnerable LinkedIn post last month that reminded me that we should be writing down all that we accomplish. Because I bet you're thinking that you're not doing enough too. 
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Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
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News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
  • Latest releases: We’ve had one thing on our mind this month: the dark funnel. Embrace the dark side with our latest set of releases that give you the control and customization you need to harness those difficult-to-track touchpoints and channels.
  • Check out our new playbook "Track buyer intent by keywords and send your team alerts" for a step-by-step guide on how to alert your team when top accounts and prospects engage in high-intent purchasing behaviors.
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Balloon Dog's back with a mystery link that gives you a quick glimpse into what Roomies have been talking about lately. When we're not talking about community, we're probably sharing our latest ear worm.
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Tuneage: Feast your ears on this Tiny Desk Concert from Fred again.... Find all kinds of tunes on our community-sourced playlist, Uncommon Tuneage, which you can and should add to.

Feedback? If you have ideas about what you'd love to see here, let us know. We consider it a gift.
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