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4 May 2023
Dear Colleague,

So that we can keep your learner and centre data secure, from May 2023 we are introducing additional security to our Edexcel Online site, using Multi-factor authentication (MFA). This is the next step in a sequence of additional security measures we’re introducing for all centres that use our Secure Download Service in order to protect you, your centre and your learners’ data.  
What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is a multi-step account login process, common in most consumer-grade experiences. In the same way you experience this in your everyday life when paying for goods or using banking services, we will require you to enter more information than just your Edexcel Online password.

Why are we doing this?

 At Pearson, we are serious about keeping the data you provide to us secure. This includes the data about you and your learners, such as achievements and personal information. We also have a responsibility to keep assessments secure, which protects the integrity of our qualifications. Passwords currently can be used to access both of these types of data and material.

The pandemic and widespread adoption of home-schooling means schools and colleges have become even more reliant on IT-related services for both administrative and learning functions.  

Cyber attacks and security breaches are very much a reality for schools and colleges and recent research by London Grid for Learning (LGfL) in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), published in January 2023, reported that 74% of schools enable 2-step verification (2SV) for their most important accounts and 78% of schools and 88% of FE colleges said they had experienced at least one of the types of cyber security incident mentioned in the audit which means the threat is still out there.     

Introducing multi-factor authentication to Edexcel Online means that we can be confident that learner data and assessment material is kept securely.  

Why are we doing this right now?

We recognise this is a very busy time of year for centres and Exams Officers, but want to ensure we protect this summer’s exam papers, the integrity of our qualifications and assessments and the exam system, as well as centre and learner data. Whilst we know the introduction of MFA will have an impact on centres, and Exams Officers in particular, it is important that we introduce this additional security measure before the summer exams actually begin.   

For further information on the MFA process please read our support guide Accessing Pearson Services Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

When do I have to start using multi-factor authentication?

We are rolling out multi-factor authentication to centres over two days - 4 and 5 May. This means not all users will be asked to use the MFA process on their very next login to Edexcel Online, but it will be a requirement once this is rolled out for your centre.   

As part of this we’ve created a new login page and a new Pearson Application Portal where you’ll find all the apps that you have access to, in one place. This includes Edexcel Online and other apps such as ResultsPlus and ExamWizard.   

You can access the new login page via the usual Edexcel Online link, and you’ll be re-directed to the new login page. The new login page is now live, please see further details below. 
Logging in to the new Pearson Application Portal and use of MFA

We’ve created a new Pearson Application Portal login page. Please sign in using your existing EOL username and password. Your EOL username is the email address that was used to create your account. If you're not sure which email was used, or if it has changed, please ask your Exams Officer/Centre Administrator to confirm this for you. 

If you have forgotten your username and /or password, please take a look at the Accessing Pearson Services Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) article and scroll towards the bottom of the article for guidance on resetting your usersname/password.
From the time that the MFA requirement comes in for you, once you have entered your username and password you will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) via email as part of the MFA process Accessing Pearson Services Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

When you have completed the MFA process you will be directed to the new Pearson Application Portal.
From here, click on the ‘My Apps’ option. 
You will then see all the apps that you have access to. Click on the Edexcel Online tile to be directed to the EOL home page. 
Further Support

We appreciate you may have some questions about the implementation of this new MFA process. Please read our support guide Accessing Pearson Systems Using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If you require any further information have any questions about this, please do get in touch with us through our Pearson Support Portal.  

Thank you for your support in ensuring we keep our systems and data secure.

Kind regards,

Craig Holland
Vice President Customer Service 

Pearson Customer Services

The Lighthouse, Manchester, M50 3BF