Community and _______.
We're all about codifying the community professional and the integral role they play within an organization. To do that, we needn't go it alone. Instead, may we thoughtfully consider how we can partner with cross-functional teams to serve both our members and our business goals. For us in Uncommon, this means welcoming new personas into our Slack community—GTM folks want to better understand how to work with community leaders and the members they serve, so who better to ask than a growing collection of knowledgeable community professionals? 

See you in Slack, soon with new channels for cross-functional convos, co-learning, collab-ing, and good ol' fashioned celebratin'. 

With great affection, 
Your Uncommon community team
Community education: How ClickHouse uses Common Room  
Join us as we discuss and demo with Tyler Hannan, Senior Director of Developer Advocacy at ClickHouse, about how he uses Common Room to better serve his community members and GTM-focused business goals. 

Bring your questions too, because we’ll hold time for Q&A.
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Uncommon insights from community leaders
Led by Community

Francisco brought a panel together to talk community data, metrics, measurement, and more with Drew Kreiger from DataOps.Live, Vishwas Katti from InSided, and Rebecca Marshburn (it me!) from Common Room. Francisco's always got more coming up 👀

Talk about Community and ______. In this Online Communities + ABM post, Chris highlights how online communities and ABM (account based marketing) can work together to drive B2B marketing success. Helpful graphics included.
JR;SR: Just right; Should read
  • Light: Real talk from Molli Aronce about how to reduce and transform community debt
  • Medium: This 💡 tweet thread from Angie Byron capturing her key takeaways from the Community without Compromise event (vid featured in our Deep dive below).
  • Deep: This event replay of Community without Compromise, where leaders from SAP, Qualtrics, and Intel share the how-to of keeping communities personal at scale.
Job board: Uncommon opportunities in community
News from Common Room: The SaaS behind Uncommon
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Balloon Dog's back with a mystery link that gives you a quick glimpse into what Roomies have been talking about lately. This one's all about breaking the ice, with masterful curation credit to Rob Walker. 
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