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22 June 2023
Dear Colleague,

We are writing to you with some important information and support for new BTEC Tech Awards for first teach from September 2022. Please ensure all relevant teaching staff have received this message.

Draft Moderator Feedback Reports

Some centres have been in touch with us to say they have not yet received their draft E9 Moderator reports. If you have already received the draft moderator report for your Tech Award subject, you can disregard the remainder of this message.  

We have found that in some of these cases, your draft moderator feedback report has been sent to your Quality Nominee contact, which may not be up to date. To address this, we are asking moderators to re-send reports to the Exams Officer contact details we hold in Edexcel Online. We ask that Exams Officers distribute these reports to the relevant Quality Nominee and/or Programme Lead for the Tech Awards as soon as possible.

If your centre marks or learner work were submitted after the extended 16 May deadline, your moderator could still be finalising your report. We will send this to you as soon as possible, but this may not be in time for you to amend submitted marks.

Amending submitted marks

You have until 23 June to make any mark amendments that you wish to based on the moderator feedback. Read our guidance on amending submitted marks.

Amending marks based on the draft moderator report is not compulsory. If you choose not to amend marks or your draft moderator report is not received in time to make mark adjustments, you do not need to take any further action. The normal process of adjusting centre marks, where necessary, based on a statistical comparison of the centre marks and the moderator marks will be applied by the Pearson system. This is an established process used in all moderated assessments for ensuring fair outcomes for learners. 


Why doesn’t the report specify which learners to adjust and by how many marks?

Moderation and feedback reports are based on the sample of work submitted by your centre. This sample is representative of the full cohort for the component, meaning, the moderator feedback cannot address individual marks or learners.  

Providing feedback on specific learners, their work, specific marks, or giving direct instruction as to what mark adjustments to make may lead to only sampled learners being affected. You should use your professional judgement to apply the feedback, to the remainder of the cohort that the moderator has not seen to maintain fairness.

What should I do if I don’t agree with the moderator feedback?

If you believe that the moderator has not been accurate in their feedback, you must await results in August. After considering the outcome of any potential mark adjustments applied by Pearson, you will have the opportunity to apply for a Review of Marking or Moderation (ROMM Service 3) whereby a more senior moderator will review the original moderation decisions.

If you have any further questions please contact us through the Pearson support portal using "TAMODERATION" in the case description.
Kind Regards,

Christina Folkard
Department Lead- Content & Assessment 

Pearson Customer Services

The Lighthouse, Manchester, M50 3BF